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I also taught Gareth the basics of good use with the Alexander technique. Gareth made remarkable improvements in a short time and the operation is not anymore on the agenda. Imperfect shape is often considered normal because it is common.

The MCs defend themselves in turns, twists, bends, and kinks of all sorts. This is achieved by means of an eccentric static contraction of the MCs.

The sessions are long and on a one-to-one basis, they demand sustained attention and physical effort from the therapist because the Muscular Chains MCs resist with force and cunning any stretching attempt. At the beginning the work was rather difficult because Katie was trying too hard and compensations were all over the place. The observed facts were unbelievable. Alla catena cstene appartengono: This posture proves to be catens difficult for the majority of beginners who cannot sufficiently correct the compensations provoked by it.

Ne deriva che i muscoli statici andranno esercitati in modo eccentrico e quelli dinamici in modo concentrico.

Corso – Le Catene Miofasciali

The Mezieres Method is a revolutionary holistic method of postural re-education named after Francoise Mezieres, physiotherapist, who created it in after careful observations on the body mechanic. Cattene forward bending posture is also used during the treatment proper. Obviously not because the square shape does not fit the rolling action required from a wheel. The normal, natural shape is the one that has not been altered by the retraction of our MCs.

  1771 OBN PDF

Any partial lengthening is negated by a shortening of the entire MC. Her primary discovery made her question this certainty and then reject it as a fallacy.

Muscle tone is a normal state of partial contraction of a resting muscle. Suppress these compensations and you will only encounter stiffness. The heavy line shows the flexion of the knees to counteract the tendency to lock the knees but, ideally, the knees should be straightand the alignment of the spine where the skull, scapulae and sacrum are on the same plane.

This method, which bears her name, is based on perfectly well ascertained facts. With its fellow members of the antero-inner chain on the front and inside the body it arches the spine forward and gives a fixed point to the back muscles which can hold on it and thereby reinforce their shortening.

Souchard ritiene che le catene muscolari della statica siano prevalentemente due: We had to work cautiously because of the pain and the damaged disc.

The dotted line shows some of the distortions that can be caused by tight muscular chains: Hyper-elasticity is an illusion; nobody was ever too supple. A long time ago, Socrates exclaimed: In other words the chains are passively extended and then contracted without any possibility of shortening.


Mezieres – Official Page Archives – warmfitwarmfit

At the age of thirty Gareth started to feel twinges in his back that soon became pains. At Marcoophysio, our experts in postural rehabilitation look at the various systems musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, vision and hearing and investigate how to improve their cooperation. In August 97 serious back miofasicali, numbness and cramps were back with, in addition, a neck pain. According to orthodox view gravity is the main cause of our deformations and the posterior muscles are believed to be too weak to counteract the gravity force.

Right thoracic, left lumbar scoliosis.

By stretching the tight MCs, the strength of the weakened antagonist muscles mainly the quadriceps and abdominal improves automatically. New awareness and body sculpting. An entirely new, unique and revolutionary method of diagnosis and treatment was born.

An increased tension of the muscles can cause dysfunction and pain, leading to unbalance between the muscular chains.

The problem was not the round back miofasciaoi this wandering lordotic bend that was as slippery as a bar of soap. Everybody was suffering from shortening of the back muscles; far from being too weak these muscles were always too strong.