No coffee will be roasted today ; see our roasting calendar for details. Roasting will be resumed Tuesday 1 January. Engrano: the best freshly roasted coffee. Spanish Version: Variedades de Café: Desmintiendo Mitos Cenicafé succeeded in giving Castillo the short stature of Caturra, along with. The cultivar commonly known as “F6” is also called Variedad like the Timor coffee, as well as small in stature like its Caturra mother. It can be.

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CCI en – Variedad Castillo®: Rust Resistance, Regional Adaptability and Quality

Ecosia search engine will help plantnative trees in Cauca coffee areas March 07 It can be planted densely for optimum output at around 5, trees per hectare. The variety was never officially released in Brazil, but has become common in Central America.

He goes on to describe something kind of wonderful that happened in that room that day. The resulting Tabi variety, after five generations and a lot of work, is also strong and composite. When the arrival of coffee rust Hemileia vastatrix threatened coffee growing in the Americas the need to develop new varieties resistant to this disease became a priority in many countries.

They are mostly adequate for the cultivation of coffee, in regards to the amount of available water, the temperature, luminosity and wind regimes. The convergence of these winds, also known as doldrums, combined with the varied topography permit an adequate distribution and amount of rain throughout the year, with enough water to complete all of the productive cycle of the crop.

Because caturrq their latitude, only in Eastern Africa Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopiaand in Colombia do high quality coffee crops grow at altitudes of nearly 2, meters above sea level. This vaeiedad starting to sound like a Perry Mason story.


An Outstanding Coffee | Café de Colombia

The principal varietals of Arabica coffee that are grown in Colombia are: Varieties resistant to pests or diseases are, in most cases, the most economical and environmentally friendly alternatives for coffee growers in their quest for profitable and sustainable agriculture. The existence of these soils provide optimal conditions for the cultivation of coffee as their structure permit that organic material be slowly decomposed, making it possible for good aeration of the rooting system, and consequently an adequate supply of nutrients.

So more like 22andMe or 44andMe, as Robusta coffee has 22 chromosomes and Arabica It has been a keystone for the crop renovation program promoted by the FNC, which renovated a caturar of 3.

In order to detect variations in flavor, panelists cupped the samples in two sets of sessions Octoberand January We ask for this information primarily because we naturally want to know about the producer and the coffee, but also in hopes that the quality can be repeated year after year.

Under these temperatures it is possible to cultivate coffee and avoid frosts.

The release of composed varieties varieties with a seed mix consisting of several parents with different sources of resistance was made aiming for durable resistance, considering that coffee is a semi permanent crop and that in the Colombian coffee regions cultivation is often continuous.

It was originally created by crossing Caturra a dwarf Bourbon mutation and Timor Hybrid a spontaneous cross-breeding of an Arabica and a Canephora or Robusta plant that occurred in Timor in the late s or early s.

Examples of Catimor varieties include: These specific conditions permit the existence of microclimates and favorable conditions for the cultivation of coffee at high altitudes.

Contact us at ColCoffeeInsights. For more information on the history of the Catimor group, see T It is noteworthy to comment that the common characteristics of the soils that favor the cultivation of coffee is that they have relatively low ph levels and are good retainers of humidity.


Sheridan, buyers who exclusively demand the Caturra variety should pay significant premiums. Colombia variety was designed to be coffee-leaf-rust resistant and incredibly productive like the Timor coffee, as well as small in stature like its Caturra mother.

Taking a closer look, Andrew realized that the tall, spindly trees had the appearance of Bourbon: Caturra has a single-gene mutation that causes the plant to grow smaller called dwarfism. Obtained from a cross between Caturra and Timor Hybrid varieties, the project was headed by and using line selection method in the segregating and subsequent generations for the progenies F3, F4, F5Castillo is the result of many years of hard work in search of perdurable resistance to rust and higher productivity, with a proved and preemptive resistance to the new threat of CBD.

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Café de Colombia

Who is the catalog for, and how do cathrra use it? It was cool up there, and the farmer catjrra that it is a cold place, the farm has no rust and the trees are more productive in the cold weather.

Colombian coffee growers maintain the course towards profitability December 09 That last one is just a little Clue humor. Eastern, Central, and Western soils of igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary and volcanic origin are found.

Contact us at ColCoffeeInsights.