DATA: An 8” NB Schedule 80 pipe (see Fig. 1A) connects two equipment at nodes 10 and. 30 with an offset of 4′ (i.e., equal to distance between nodes 20 and. Input File: PDS Neutral File .n). Output File: CAEPIPE Model File .mod). PD2CAEPIPE™, the Plant Design-to-CAEPIPE Interface, is a stand-alone program for. CPTOPSTM User’s Manual. MANUALS/CPTOPS/man1/doc1. Issue December, CAEPIPE-to-PIPESTRESS. CPTOPSTM. User’s Manual. Server Version 7.

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Axes AxesThe axes symbol can be displayed in any one of the four corners of the Graphics windowor not at all. Once you have picked your choices, you can now begin installing or use the Back button toreturn to previous screens to change your choices.

For convenience “All English,” “AllSI” and “All Metric” buttons which can set all the units to that particular choice with a singlebutton click are available. In the event of a computer system crash, the most recently saved data can be retrieved. caepippe


Three Pipe elements with 4 node points starting from node Tab to the DY cxepipe. Friction CoefficientWhen a friction coefficient is entered, a nonlinear analysis is performed. To calculatehot load, a preliminary sustained load analysis is performed in which all hanger locationsare restrained vertically. Any combination of translations or rotations may be released. For nonstandard pipesizes, Long radius is 1. Please see Appendix mabual a detailed technical discussion of the method with an example.

CAEPIPE Users Manual – [PDF Document]

Someusers prefer this as it more closely matches “hand calculations. Intermediate nodesYou can define additional nodes on the outside jacket of a xaepipe bend for locatingsupports. Ananchor each at nodes 10 and 10J is specified. So, thermal growth of X-directional pipes between nodes 10 and 14 and then between 18 and 20 as well as the growth of Z- directional pipe between nodes 30 and 20 are absorbed by the three bends at nodes 14, 18 and When you click on the Properties button, you are shown the table below where you entertemperature dependent properties.

  ISO 17872 PDF

This node must be directly above or belowthe hanger node. Select Read Spectrum fromthe File menu, read all text files you created one after the other. A short description to identify the mamual may be entered for Caepips.

The local z-axis is the crossproduct of the local x and y-axes. Here, as in the earlierPrint dialog, you can select a printer and customize certain print settings. For now, simply start typing the time-value pairs. Windows or later 2.

The Ground level is used tocalculate depth of the buried section. Rigid limit stops without friction coefficient replaces flexible limit stops at node 40 and The piping system is of welded construction with 12 limit stops and 3 lateral restraints. A 40 line in the X -Y planeMethod 2: For clarity, assume the direction of Limit Stop as Global Y i. But, in cases where you need to account for structural flexibility,use the Beam element to model structural support systems alongside piping systems.

The magnitude of the loading needs to be determinedbefore analysis. Skip to main content. The following screenshots show the correction. ExampleLet us rotate the branch line of the familiar Sample model. By default the anchor has all stiffnesses rigid, no releases for hanger selection and nospecified displacements.

The nodes 20Aand 20B are coincident with 20C and 20D respectively only if the core and the jacket pipeshave the same bend radii.

Verification Step Provide all additional input data into the models such as insulation thickness and density, corrosion allowance and mill tolerance of pipe sections, thermal anchor movements, SST Systems, Inc. Short RangeShort range hangers are used if the available space is not enough for installing mid-rangehangers. Other things you can do here are: The modesare closely spaced if: Seismic available for B The Jacketed Bend dialog is shown.


It is best to set this to Highunless your computer renders images noticeably slowly. Wind ProfileYou need to input values for wind velocity or pressure at different elevations.

If you need to specifya nonrigid i. The first menu shown here is available from the Sorted Stresses results. When one pump is operating, the other one is on standby.

Define the layout from 10 to cawpipe to 30; the first pipe element from 10 to 20 uses section12A Cohesionless soil type S1and the next pipe element 20 to 30 uses section 12B Cohesive soil type S2. The contents, insulation and additionalweight are added to the empty weight.

As theshown information is not editable here, to make changes to it, you caeplpe to go back to theLayout window and use the same command under caeppe File menu. Type “b”and Tab to next column to enter a bend, 2 for DX, press Enter to move to the next row.

You could do your analysis in English unitsand present your results to your client in SI units with the click of a button. Forexample, you can annotate your model with copious comments to enhance documentationof the model, or duplicate repetitive input or cxepipe sections of the model with one cqepipe.

Connected to NodeBy default the hanger is connected to a fixed ground point which is not a part of the pipingsystem. Extensive graphical display capabilities to zoom, pan and rotate capipe and see the model from different viewpoints make the program maunal useful. Two flanges on both sides of the valve with weight