Ÿ Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press. Ÿ cGMP Model. Ÿ Turret Exchangeability. Ÿ Equal Pre & Main Compression. Ÿ Oil Immersed Central Drive. Ÿ 3 Piece Turret. The evolution of the tablet press passed through various stages, from manual operation to single stroke to rotary type machine. CADMACH® walked through all . Cadmach machinery is Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India based award winning pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing company having international presence.

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The main work of the cam tracks is to guide the upper and lower punches in different stages in the tablet compression process. In most cases, tablet press machine manufacturers use servo motors to control movement of the cam track for accurate dosing.

Cadmach Ctx Tablet Press

The feed peddles ensures consistent and accurate material feeding into the die systems. Every tablet press machine design is such that it can accurately compensate any load variations.

Normally, you can choose from simple to complex shapes of ocmpression press punches. There are 2 types of tablet presses: SaintyCo HeyI am TonyGeneral manager of Saintyco and expert in pharmaceutical equipment industry for over 20 years, I would like to share my experience in the field. This automatically stops the machine in case of overload.

To know the exact location and specific functions of these parts, you need a clear understanding of the structural design of tablet press machines. Comppression the other hand, the lower cam track pushes the bottom punches upwards within the die cavity. That is, as the turret rotates, it is the cam trucks that move the punches in an up and down motion.

This is a 3D drawing of AdvantaTab Plus tablet press machine. Without a feed peddle, especially if the machine is operating at a high speed, there could be chances of some dies being filled half cadmwch. All major controls are outside the Tabletting zone and adjustments may be carried out safely while machine is running. This HMI can either be attached to the main machine or exist separately.

Tabletting Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The compaction force on the fill material is machind by only the upper punch while the lower punch machune static; such action equivalent to hammering motion and as a result, the single punch press is referred to as stamping process. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. Punches and dies are usually custom made for each application, and can be made in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and can be customized with manufacturer codes and scoring lines to make tablets easier to break.


View Contact Call Seller Now. Again, to achieve a maximum compression force, the upper cam track drives the top punch and the lower cam adjusts the bottom punch. Double Rotary Tablet Machine. Any air within the die cavity or powder particles will obviously result in low quality tables.

With the tablet compressed to the desired specifications, the upper cam withdraws top punches. Remember, after compression, the tablet is always fixed within the die systems space between lower and upper punches. HeyI am TonyGeneral manager of Saintyco and expert in pharmaceutical equipment industry for over 20 years, I would like jachine share my experience in the field. The take —off blades are fitted just above the feeder housing.

Tanlet Tablet Press Machine in Ahmedabad. The aim of this process is to remove air that could be in the die or powder particles.

CADMACH® Tablet Press

I hope this information has been useful, especially tblet you want to know the various parts of these machines and how they work. With the help of different movements of the cam systems, material will flow into the die cavity depending on the position of the punches.

This is due to their high precision and ease of integration to other computerized systems of other machine parts. The exact depth of the lower punch can be precisely controlled to meter the amount of powder that fills the cavity.

High Speed Presses in Ahmedabad.

Tablet press – Wikipedia

A reason why here at SaintyCo, we design tablet presses with great accuracy and precision. The evolution of the tablet press passed through various stages, from manual operation to single stroke to rotary type machine.


The force of compression is delivered by high pressure compression rolls which fuse the granulated material together into a hard tablet. Again, we cannot wrap up this section without talking about a fundamental component of the tablet press tooling system — turret.

The lower punches are on the lower section of the rotary system of the tablet press machine. Multi-station press can be classified into several ways mcahine the most important of these classifications are based on the type of tooling with which the machine is to be used with. I hope this information has been useful, especially if you want to know the various parts of these machines and how they work. So, in the next section, I am going to discuss other tablet compression machine parts that play an integral role in tableting process.

In short, you can see that upper and lower cam tracks play an integral role at every tablet compression stage in these machines. At times, as the bottom punch moves up, the excess powder may overflow. It is the die cavity that determines both the thickness and size of a tablet.

A technical drawing of AdvantaTab Plus tablet making machine.

Depending on tablet size, shape, material, and press configuration, a typical modern press can produce fromto over 1, tablets an hour. The excess is scraped from the top of the die, and the lower punch is drawn down and temporarily covered to prevent spillage.

Frankly, we may not go into intricate details about these systems since they are available in the technical manual of the tablet press machine. Tablet press hoppers come in a wide range of shapes and designs. At SaintyCo, we have a range of modern tablet press machines that we compresslon configure to meet unique specifications. Retrieved 13 December Normally, I do insist that you request for the brochure since it is the only document that has all the tablet compression machines parts for specific models.