Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak, is a channeled material that Cassiopaeans had suggested for. Buy the Paperback Book Bringers Of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak at Indigo. ca, Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on Religion and Spirituality .

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It is a decent read if you can get past some of the things I mentioned like the repetitiveness, but I sincerely did not feel any “flow” to the book. Earth’s Initiation Through Integrity. Steph N rated xawn it was amazing Nov 25, Who are some of the gods who came here and controlled you? Let us take you further.

You are beginning to awaken this identity within yourself. It kf not hold light; it does not hold the multidimensional possibilities; it holds you in limitation, and you are tired of that. You have only dealt with gods with a little g who have wanted to be adored and to confuse you, and who have thought of Earth as a principality, a place that they own out in the galactic fringes of this free-will universe.

You may know that these beings are not of light, and you may know it to the core of your being. I am open to checking into any and all spiritual teachings, and seeing how it resonates. We are not lecturing you – we are guiding you through this, pulling marcinak back, reflecting back to you over and over again so that you can understand where the power of operation is. I asked the Pleaidians, “Should we attempt to find a publisher before the book is completed, or at least announce that we are doing the book?

We are not prepared enough to handle the intensity of that emanation. These beams of information are being blasted onto the planet.

Very, very interesting though it may take me while to digest it all. All you need to do is begin to allow this energy to come into your body. It was through her that I te truly loved and learned to have great reverence for the land and for the love of Earth.


These creator gods did not exist in time as you know it.

Many people will suddenly begin to feel this energy without any preparation at all. Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words baarbara and “try” from our vocabularies. Remember that we are here for our reasons and that you are here for your reasons and that we are all here to evolve together and create a new vibrational frequency. I continue to go back to this well and am always richly rewarded.

The original species, human creation, daan great destruction and was scattered. I was patiently waiting for intentions and events to be set into motion. The evolution of consciousness and the ability to house information is what allows one to come into the proximity of Prime Creator. You can farm your land, pay your taxes, decide not to vote, and simply be oblivious to any bureaucratic political structure.

Be willing to travel the roads of memory of this lifetime and many other lifetimes so that you can begin to have a picture of the purpose of consciousness. These twelve heavenly bodies hringers spinning with information: You have come here at this time for a certain purpose: Perhaps this fhe going to be one of those times where, intend as I might, I was not going anywhere.

There is brilliance within all life. Learning how to communicate with nonphysicals has been another priceless gift and has opened up many new areas to me. If you would make such a cruel circumstance happen to a kid just to trigger your decorative helix in you, then you are even worse than the beings that feed off fear. Whether multi-dimensional beings from other galaxies exist or not, and whether dwn have a stake in dawj development of human consciousness or not, anyone concerned with the state of spiritual development on Earth will find solace and inspiration in this book.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians

You know quite completely the difficulties that Earth has gone through, such as how many times the lands have shifted and how many times marciniiak has come from the skies. It will always all work out according to your intentions. We see ourselves as an extension of Prime Creator – always gathering information, going off on adventures, and doing whatever we need to do to make our lives more interesting and challenging so that we can feed Prime Creator. As you live your frequency, you affect everyone, every place you go.


They rob your psychic energy by giving you brngers false picture of reality in every way that you could possibly imagine. The next flight for Darwin was scheduled for the day after I was to be there.

As this rebuilding or reordering comes together, you will create a more evolved nervous system that will allow much more data to move itself into your consciousness. We are very much renegades where dwn are. You will begin to hold, keep, and maintain a certain frequency and then to line it.

These beings are here to assist us in discovering how to reach a new stage of evolution or the more appropriate statement would be, here to help us remember our multidimensional selves that we use to be before the fall of Atlantis. Barbara Marciniak is an internationally acclaimed trance channel and marciniaak of Bringers of the Dawn, Earth, and Family of Light, which have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Bringers of the Dawn

It is important for you to understand that bureaucracies birngers hierarchies exist, and that these organizations have different experiences of time than you do. You are going to be faced with many opportunities to judge many things and label them as bad. Under what category of life’s files did my personal encounter reside? These entities beat out light, and Earth became their territory. Have you ever wondered who owns Earth?