V2 Users Manual Feb Short Hand for this Manual – life will be Overview of the RangThe Boomerang Phrase Sampler is essentially a. Phrase Sampler. User’s Manual. Version 1. Boomerang Musical Products. PO Box Dallas, TX Phrase Sampler. User’s Manual. Boomerang Musical Products PO Box Dallas, TX

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Leave thethrough signal enabled and begin playing; this creates an unusual reversed slap-back echoeffect. We suggest that you fill out and return the enclosed warranty card,although it is not required for pyrase warranty to take effect. Fordecay rate, whichever loop was selected when you entered programming mode is the oneaffected. If the Rang reaches the end ofavailable memory during recording, all LED’s will turn on brightly; then you have twooptions.

WarrantyBoomerang Boomerang Products, Ltd. If the Rang is placedin front of your effects processor, all parts will use the same effects patch.

Boomerang Phrase Sampler Review

I am that in love sammpler this product. You can’t hurt the Rang bysetting these inappropriately, but you won’t get the best sound. Boomerang Musical Products, Ltd.

The following words referto the 5 gray buttons: Select adecay rate as described in Programming Modes Program Mode 1. Views Article Discussion View source History.

Start an existing loop with several stutters or re-starts and then smoothly transition into playing the loop repeatedly. To make this easier to read I’m going to use some conventions. Programming Modes There are two program modes where parameters can be changed.

That is, no original features, even the lower sampling rates, have been omitted or replaced. Now you can be stacking additional parts and freely reverse direction or go into play once mode.


This is handy when trying to learn difficult licks from aCD or tape. The trick is to play the second part chords just when the firstpart chords hit their peak volume.

Record a part that is just aseries of one-strum chords that you let ring out. To changea parameter, 1 enter program mode, 2 make changes then 3 exit program mode.

For what I use the Boomerang for it is awesome, I was inspired to get one when I saw my buddy use his and was blown away. Once While recording, ONCE will halt recording and start playback, but the loop will playbackonly one time. If the Rang is recording, STOP halts recording and the unitbecomes idle; your music is recorded and ready for playback. If someone broke into my house, forget the gun, I could probably whack him over the head with the thing and then jam while I wait for the cops to come.

We heartily encourage you to experiment. Retrieved from ” http: Try this with recordedspeech; it’ll crack you up! These ports allow youto make these connections and have your instrument connected to your Rang and amp atthe same time. This stacking of parts will continue for as long as stack is on. This one is small, but an improvement. On the original the decay rate was fixed at about 2. How to change modes is explained inProgramming Modes Program Mode 1.

Out of thebox this button is set to the Once function. Well, here’s a time when it would be useful to have it at the very front of the signalprocessing chain. Just create a loop in the appropriate playing style and let it rip while you put yourinstrument down and concentrate on tweaking! In short, it records what you play and throws it back at you until you stop it from playing by hitting the stop button or using a decay.


Whenever A is recorded, B is deleted. The two loops aredifferent. The lower sample rate provides 2 minutes and 8 seconds of record time on normal speed.

If youwant to slow down a part so that it is easier to hear, but maintain the original pitch, here’s a technique that works well.

This was my first review of a product and I hope someone got some benefit out of this who was thinking about getting this very very very fine tool my opinion anyway Any and all Rangs can be upgraded by replacing the current microprocessor with the 2. If your amp has an effects loop, you may sapmler better sound byplugging your instrument directly into the amp and connecting the effects send to the INjack and the effects return to the OUT jack.

V2 Users Manual – Pages 1 – 9 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Selecting the interval is explained inProgramming Modes Program Mode 2. Thisworks best with short loops. I would replace it in a heartbeat!!

We do, however, require that adated proof of purchase be retained throughout the warranty period. In particular, the order of button presses alters some of thefunctions, and a brief read through sampller descriptions may save you some time.

Your loop willsmoothly fade into oblivion if the decay is set to something other than no decay.