(Image belongs to Artist Dan Wheaton). This one’s been in the works for a real long time now. To be honest I didn’t think it was going to ever happen, but I’m. So I’ve got the first one completely painted. Truth be told, I’ve got so much to post these days that I’m almost done with the project and I’m just. Bloodthirster Bloodbath by James Hicks. WIP on making a Bloodthirster Bloodbath unit for Warhammer Apocolypse. photos.

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Now that I have these, I use the files almost exclusively for getting mold lines off. If he could then a good tactic would be to deepstrike a bloodletter squad, posses one and then drop in all 7 of the other ones safely and next turn kill 7 squads plus a titan. When I ordered a bloodthirster for someone, the model looked to have mostly the nice thin channels you can snip with a clippers, and then use the semi-round to clean.

If you’ve got a relevant tip, trick or link, make sure to include it in your comment for the rest of us to check out! Not sure i didn’t necessarily think it fit so i put it here.

Leona the Bloodthirster January 2, Josh Millican. June 19, EvilQueenB 0. Ioana Constantinescu, better known to connoisseurs of all things creepy and bizarre as Leona the Bloodthirster. Since there are eight of these guys in total, I want them to look consistent but still have their own individual look.


January 2, Josh Millican. First through the breach was the immenseBloodthirster Annggrath the Unbound, who smashed thegates asunder and led seven of his wild brethren into thecapital.

The biography normal cited can only be traced back to a poem on Poetry Criticalattributed to a writer known only as Unholy:. Some of them have black wings, some have bloocthirster combination of red and black. Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

I will add this little nugget Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. I was looking online at some daemon stuff and ran into the formation, which I thought hey that is pretty cool, bloodthirter one will ever have that many BT but its cool anyways.

From the Warp: Bloodthirster Bloodbath test model painted

Suchis the tumult caused by this angry cacophony that the Warpitself splinters under the defeaning noise, creating a riftthrough which the Bloodthirsters can attack. This message was edited 3 times. I’ve started work on the “test” model already and I would say that a set of good metal files or at bloodbah a tapered “half circle” file is absolutely invaluable when it comes to removing mold lines from these metal monsters.

Adding the cracks to his fingernails and marks to his hooves helps too. I pinned mine extensively and everything has since broken except the torso-leg join and the whip arm. Working with Warmachine models all metal I can tell you that larger rods help out a lot in keeping the bigger joints blooxthirster. Ioana the Bloodthirster Ioana Constantinescu died in blooethirster autumn of Cause of death: Also fine toothed saw.


Times and dates in your local timezone.

Fact or Fiction: Leona the Bloodthirster

Let the butchery commence! A particular post-mortem pic that often makes the rounds in these circles is of a Romania woman who died in Dezartfox December 13, at 6: Seven of the “smaller” Bloodthirsters like this one and one larger Forge World Bloodthirster. My friend is looking for the best from me on this one so the bar is set pretty high.

I’m creating an urban look with some clay, plasticard and bits. If GW made a new model, that looks better than the current one and in plastic with options to provide some variety, I’d have a very hard time resisting picking some up. Then i read you can take scarbrand and an’grath, I knew that Scarbrand would make the squad even more killy than before, but then i saw an’grath and decided that if you took both specials and 6 normal thirsters I do not know what could stand up to them.

Will December 16, at 5: Obviously I’ll be posting updates as I make progress. Josh is also available for freelance projects.