Blood Knot plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. Athol Fugard. Based on the Play/Book/Film. Category. Just before intermission in Athol Fugard’s “Blood Knot,” which American Players Theatre opened over the weekend in Spring Green under Ron. Athol Fugard’s The Blood Knot. Derek Cohen. Although several of the handful of internationally-known South Af- rican writers have tried their hands at drama.

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National Unified Auditions New York.

Athol Fugard’s Blood Knot

He had chosen to live his life as a black man. Morris and Zachariah will, apparently, remain together for many unhappy years to come, needing each other, but unable to bridge the gap brought about by their respective skin tones.

In the end the girl decides not to visit. Morris looks for personal messages in the classified section of the local newspaper. Featured Jobs Near You. When he puts on the clothes, he begins to adopt the white mannerisms and speech patterns that he had learned years earlier when trying to “pass” in white society.

Morris is a light-skinned colored man, Zachariah is a black man. They start writing letters to a young woman named Ethel Lange.

Blood Knot – Wikipedia

Both were raised by the same black mother, but have different fathers, and Morris is much more fair-skinned than Zachariah. The only two characters in the two-hander play are the brothers Morris and Zachariah.

Morris prepares hot water for Zach to bathe his feet. Thus, the play shows that personal caring and commitment can overcome the sense of alienation caused by racial or cultural separation.


Meanwhile, the lonely Zachariah has struck up a pen-pal relationship with a white girl, and entertains fantasies that she might fall in love with him. They have shared the same one-room shack for about a year. The play was prepared for transmission on British television twice in the s. Blood Knot is a play about two brothers, who live in a one-room shack in a crumbling section of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The Armchair Theatre series. Midgley reduced the play to 90 minutes Ethel sends a letter with her photo, revealing that she is a young white woman. Morris is a light-skinned colored man, Zachariah is a black man.

Vorster confiscated Fugard’s passport. Morris decides that, since Zach wants to talk to a woman, he should write letters to a woman, so that he will not feel so lonely. Click here to post your opportunity. The Internet Off-Broadway Database. Jan 4 – Jan The play was banned by South African authorities, and censorhip laws were passed, which prohibited racially mixed casts or audiences in theaters in South Africa.

Morris can pass for white, and has done so in the past, but now he has returned to live with Zachariah in a small, miserable shack in the “colored” section of Port Elizabeth. Read More actors, singers, dancers Performer.

Blood Knot

Morris’ fears are soon realized, when Zachariah’s pen-pal writes to say that she is coming to visit Port Elizabeth and wants to meet Zachariah. Zachariah bloid face the tragic truth that he can never have a future with her, that she can never love him, and that she would be horrified to see who he really is.

When the play was first performed, in in Johannesburg, with Athol Fugard as Morris and Zakes Mokae as Zachariah, the actors were arrested. Zach sweating as the words clot in his mouth The Lost YearsTiverton: Themes, motifs, images and the author’s own impassioned conscience are all there in organic form. As he does so, knoy begins to treat his brother like an inferior, as any middle-class white South African would treat a black servant.


Read More dancers Performer. Nkot Zachariah, because of his dark skin-color, has no choice. Want to see your job listed here? The play was revived at the Roundabout Theatre in The more level-headed Morris tries to disabuse Zachariah of such notions, and warns him that in segregated South Africa, such a relationship can only mean trouble, especially since the girl has indicated in letters that she has a brother fugrad a policeman.

This article is about the play by Athol Fugard. The game becomes too real for them.

Zach cannot be anything other kbot what he is, a black man, which means being treated as inferior by the society of apartheid. This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat When a letter arrives, indicating that the girl will not be coming for a visit after all, Zachariah and his relieved brother begin a new role-playing game.

But Ethel sends another letter saying that she is now engaged to be married, and thus will not be coming to visit them. Views Read Edit View history. She does not know that he is black. Zachariah works as a gatekeeper at a park. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more!