The way you position your body on the motorcycle can make the difference between panicking/freezing in the middle of a turn or feeling. Buy A Twist of the Wrist II: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding: Read 55 Race Tech’s Motorcycle Suspension Bible: Dirt, Street and Track. Showing off Bikes or Gear? Bike-related Subs Since we are talking about cornering: The Cornering Bible – Twist of the Wrist II (which used.

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Instead of replying here, would creating a new thread be more useful? It’s possible for a rider with chicken strips to be faster than one without.

Hanging off too much for them can reduce amount of clearance they have. Unfortunately many riders can spend a lifetime on the saddle without ever understanding that a proper body position can have a great impact on their concentration and safety while they ride.

It automatically panics and engages every muscle of your body in preparation for a quick reaction.

By keeping your body aligned with your ever changing center of gravity at all times. By practicing these simple body movements when you are cornering, your body will cornerjng so comfortable and “in balance with the bike” that they will soon become a second nature when you ride.

Because every little glitch and error you experience while riding indicates your next area to improve. How does the brain react to a lack of sense of balance? Jeff Allen posted Apr 21st, I need to learn how to shift my butt to the inside without destabilising the bike prior to the corner.

Thank you for your comments, Steve. Ash, ride at 30mph, and turn right by turning the bars right cornerinh, and see how quick you hit the floor. We’r not talking about how bi,e you are, anyone can open the trottle up and go fast. When you drive a car, you are surrounded by the doors on the sides and the hood on the front of the car that prevent you from staring directly at the pavement as it passes below you.


It comes naturally, I don’t know why people over think it, that’s a sure fire way of messing it up. Please be fair in your ratings!

September 23, by Nel Alcala RE: On the other hand, if you lean your body to the inside of the horse and align yourself with the centrifugal force of the spinning carousel, you will feel much more comfortable, safe and relaxed, and you will be able to concentrate on the riddle you were solving.

In a split second their brains went to survival mode and automatically turned their sight to the “point of impact” and prepared their hands for the landing.

Another thing that helps A LOT to avoid panicking in the middle of a turn is to keep your arms and body bik. When your brain panics, it reacts with primal and involuntary survival reactions. So, summarizing, my cornering suggestions are: Electronic Aids, Not Band-Aids. Welshd1k World Chat Champion Joined: I really hope these simple techniques help you “naturalize” your riding position to the point you feel more confident and in control of the bike. This all makes complete sense in every way, thanks for the detailed info.

You learn this at an early age, in fact, the same time you learn to ride a pedal bike as they all steer identically. Andrew Wheeler posted Feb 17th, I read it on here funnily enough and I’d probably still be cornering like a noob if I hadn’t; doubt I’d have worked it out on my own.

Lean angle is lean angle regardless of rider position. To add a comment you need to Login here or connect using. Bib,e are the most common causes of panic when you are cornering on a motorcycle?

Keith Code

Your Vision and Riding Motorcycles. This phenomenon is commonly known as target fixation. The rider on the far right is going faster, so he actually biblr to hang to one side to stay aligned with G while preventing his bike from leaning too low. Motorcycle cornering – Blke reactions and buke body positioning.


This is especially true on a curve as you are leaning and getting closer to the pavement. These movements become more drastic as cornering speeds increase to the point where racers “hang” on the side of their bikes, but the theory of balance remains the same.

Thanks for this valuable information. By doing these two simple things not only your body and brain will feel a safer sense of balance through the turn but you will actually keep the bike a bit more upright which helps keeping a good traction patch on the tires.

Tips and exercises that will help strengthen your back for a less painful ride.

Bike Cornering Bible

Chicken strips aren’t a measurement of skill. You will only be thinking about holding on to your horse and avoid falling from it. Kawasaki posted Mar 31st, That is a very watered down version, but really all you need to know, and tbh, all i ibke be bothered typing. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. Even the most experienced riders can benefit from understanding safety and knowing the limits.


Motorcycle cornering – Body position to reduce anxiety and panic | OfirMX

I actually downloaded twist of the wrist DVD and it’s well worth it! The only muscles that need to be really engaged are your torso ones -to keep you from tightening your arms on the bars- everything else should be loose and happy. Login Home About Contact. Your image does not show the full truth you can still lean further than that. They certainly bum shuffle, but they do not hang off the bike It’s knows I’m not aligned properly on approach.