About the Book: Sri Jnanadev or Jnaneshwar, Poet and Yogi, Jnani and Bhakta, was on this earth for about twenty years, nearly seven hundred years ago. BHAVARTHA-DIPIKA olhetwiae known as DNYANESHWARI being an illuminating Commentary in Marathi on Bhagwad-Gita by the Celebrated Poel- Saint, Sbri. Śrīdhara Svāmī, in his commentary Bhāvārtha-dīpikā, replies to the idea that prakṛti and puruṣa are the causes of the cosmic manifestation.

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Arch-felons though they be, for slaying them, sin alone can accrue unto us.

T shall tell you thus in brief. With the help of these steps he should direct his course to bhaavartha foot-path of the Yogic-postuces along the foot of the mountain in the form of self-iestcaint and comprehensive self- governance qifjnml.

Thus blinded by the darkness of ignorance the intellect gets over- come with confusion. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Bhavartha Dipika Jnaneshwari : Sri Jnanadeva :

Seeing all this, Lord Krishna got sUC- prised and fearing that the unheard of sound would bring about the end of the world stopped it. The head gets sunken between the two raised shoulders and the eyes automatically get halfshut. Wherever the Sunmay go. UI, perform your respective dutitfs assigned to you according to your respective castes and status, all your wishes will be fulSllcd.

Who can take a firm stand in war in front of such an army as ours, before which the Pandava’s army as assembled appears insignificant in comparison? Bg 1 Thvs, however, is the profoundest mystery that I am about to expound unto thee that art listening with appreciation: The body is indeed at the mercy of alien Nituce.

It mixes togther the fluids formed from cough and bile, as also element of earth in the form of flesh, and marrow from the bones etc, In that spot, naturally the spintual hunger for the Yoga sinks into bis Soul, actual experience holds the mind in embrace, while the lovely environments make the heart enjoy the bliss of the self further In such a place, it should not be a wonder that even an impious unbeliever passing by it is provoked into a penitent mood and becomes eager to do penance Even a casual way-farer, with some business in hand accidentally approaching the spot, will forget to return to his home and family concerns That spot will rivet one, intent on not staying there, steady wavering minds, and pat and caress an impious person to awaken into a state of renunciation, so that, even a pleasure-seeker would feel like renouncing the very kingdom of worldly happiness and chooses to stay there quietly, once he sees the spot.


Does the son of Sarasnati goddess of learning learn literary art by rote 7 Just sec, however big a glow-worm might be, alas it pails besides the bnlliance of the sunj And what dainties are worthy of being served in an ambrosial plate 7 Is it not foolish to cool the moon by fanning, or to thrust music on sweet melody, or to adorn the very beauty herself with ornaments?

I am that brilliance— that pure form, that is left over, after removing its outer cover called Fire. This note caught my imagination and I wondered as to why I should not try at it, if and when I found leisure.

You thus worship the Gods and they will be propitious to you, and then will be created reciprocal affection between you. Based on your browsing history. Great kings Virata and others who were the leading warriors were also sounding several of their conches repeatedly.

For the ifinorantr it is quite a strange land. All is lost indeed if this be your assu- rance to tbose who stake all on your word. Can it ba said that any- one else has tied down such a one, who with no reason or rhyme, gets himself tied down of his own accord?

I shall fulfil your Word.

Bhavartha Dipika Jnaneshwari

I really like this website! The ability to renounce worldly things fot those of the spiritual is what made them great. He abides desire- less and even-tempered to the extent of holding as a mere small piece of earth, even a brilliant gem of the value of the entire world.

That heavenly bliss is reckoned fit even to fake the place of the Supreme Bliss, on account of the outwaraly contentment felt from it by the senses That heavenly bliss is insccurabic even by performers of hundred sacri- fices such heavenly bliss wheir weighed by the great Yogins on their palms in the form of divine vision secured through the attain- ment of the knowledge of the Supreme, is found by them to weigh ridiculously light and consequently holding it to be worthless, the Yogins make of it only stepping stones, and raising themselves high up.

Such ray’tic secret I am going to speak to you now, and even a small fraction of it, vill make your mind feel greatly satisfied.

Now that very Yoga, we have preached to you here, so you make no mistake about it. The creator created all beings along with the day-to-day pro- pitiatory sacrificial rites in tbe fotm of religious duties prescrib- ed for them.

His patience and labour are beyond all praise. I cannot conclude this narration without giving expression to the sense of my deep gratitude towards Rao Bahadur G.


I ordered a book for my mother and it came within bhavarrtha few days from India to NYC!!

Bhavartha-dipika quoted – Vaniquotes

A boat 15 useful for ferrying women and children across a stream. How may I under- stand this, that thou didst expound it in the beginn- ing? I am grateful to be your customer.

A medical treatment is necessary if a cure is intended] only the medicine should be bhavaartha and sweet. I Pray you tell me what I ask now.

Such a one is 6fni in bis mind and is compltreJy absorbed Jn the Supreme, and yet bis outward behaviour looks like that of an ordinary human being. The bird Chakor, with great delight, turns his beak upwards towards the moon ; in that way I also make a small prayer to you.

Just as the different senses all belong to one and the same body, or many branches big and small, have their life m one and the same tree, or again bahvartha rays all of one and the same Sun — in that dipoka, many separate things having diverse names and different forms arc yet known by them to be united in the supreme unity. When this girl desires comes of age and blooming youth, i,hc becomes the wife of hatred.

Why should one court death after entering into nectar ocean? They come by Heavenly enjoyment, m virtue of rituals, which leads them bhavatrha from My divine Bliss and therefore bhxvartha sinful in a way.

In that way, when the false belief of the bodily fexlstc’nce is all dropped the finite soul is one with the Supreme Spirit, since true Atman is already completely and eternally there.

In this way, I too perform dispassionately the prescribed duties. You are thus ignorant —and fail to realise the fact that, you and I, have passed through many births. And when suddenly he wakes up he realises the emptiness of the subject matter of the dream. Anyone, who has had the experience of writing such a book, can know that the time is indeed too short for the completion of such a work. O Atjuna, the soul is eternal, stable, immobile and all-pervading.

There is no peace to one not reaching at-one-ment, and whence can there be bliss to one not having peace t Dny —