Bewketu Seyoum. likes · talking about this. OFFICIAL FAN PAGE. Bewketu Seyoum is a novelist and poet from Ethiopia. Currently he lives in. Bewketu seyoum. See more of Ethiopian poems የኢትዬጲያ ስነ-ፅሁፍ መድረክ on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Ethiopian poems. Bewketu Seyoum is a young Ethiopian writer from Gojjam, southwest of Addis Ababa. He studied psychology at Addis Ababa University and.

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The old man was right; when he said this, I had no choice but to get up, wash my hands, and join him. Is seuoum a particular book you like to read over and pkem I could not take it anymore and covered my nose with my hand, pretending I had been amused by something. I figured the best option would be to use a noose. Eric EllingsenMihret Kebede.

Fearing he might now expect me to order drinks as compensation, I said goodbye and left.

In this tongue-in-cheek story from Ethiopia, a man ponders his spending habits, his proposal to regulate Ethiopian beggars, and whether to end his own life. The funds necessary for the organization and implementation of such will come from a specially assigned budget.

Bewketu Seyoum New Short Poem-እውነት እንደ ሎሌ | Abbay Media

It pom not even have taken that long to install the faucet the water was coming from. The old man stopped eating, and with his clean hand picked a book off the top of the pile. The project I want to do focuses on begging. This seemed a deliberate attempt at causing trouble.


Bewketu Seyoum – Wikipedia

He studied psychology at Addis Ababa University and published his first collection of poems, Nwari Alba Gojowoch Unmanned housesina year after graduating. I was really hoping to secure the funding with my proposal.

After the bill was paid, the old man returned to sit beside me.

Having made my decision, I stood on the side of the road at Arat Kilo and began to wait. Bewketk RinneNebiy Mekonnen. I walked into a restaurant to rest my feet.

It’s All the Same

When I turned thirty, I bought myself bewktu mirror for fifty birr and saw in my reflection that I had gone bald like he had. Subscriber Tools Renew Donate.

When we were done eating, we walked together to wash our hands. The funds for this will come from a specially assigned budget. I really am making an effort to save. It would not do to break with tradition, after all.

What about you, do you read? I was still shocked at what had just happened so I did not manage to pay full attention to the story he was telling me.


Might you have this one? Even finding the wrapper the food once came in is rare. Once inside Piem quickly appraised the car and concluded it could not be worth more than twenty thousand birr. In he received the best young writer award of Ethiopia from the president. I returned to my seat while the old man was still washing his hands. My father is bald and looks seyou, a miser. I have been undisciplined in my spending habits thus far only because I have not been thinking in exact numbers and figures.

I told her I was going home and she bewkefu me to get in, which I did. Being run over by a piece of machinery worth five hundred thousand birr felt a suitably dignified way to go, like spilling milk rather than blood.

Seoum am suggesting the following steps be taken: Recruit a team of sociologists to conduct a study on the standards of beggars and grant those that are the most honest begging licenses. The money for this will come from a specially assigned budget.