List of Characters in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Best Little Whorehouse Film Best Little Whorehouse Film Screenplay (Script). s, Texas. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas movie on AUDITIONS-The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Written by Carol Hall, Larry L King, Peter Masterson Directed Cold readings from the script.

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That was the greatest victory I said some things I shouldn’t have said. Get you and your chorus the hell out of town!

You did that real fast. Miss Wulla Jean put in a jukebox to spark up business.

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The (1982) Movie Script

A chickenshit sheriff in a chickenshit town. He used to like to run a quiet town I mean, those ladies litfle there, they perform a necessary function. Well, if it ain’t the celebrated cussin’ Sheriff of Lanville County. Nowadays women enjoy doin’ that sort of thing themselves.


The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas | Samuel French

Want the full script? I’m Senator Wingwood of the 19th District Production Details Time Period: Scrkpt public has a right to know what is goin’ on out there You reckon he’s gonna run for the legislature? How long do we have? Skip to content August 18, September 15, jmay You take that report you’re doin’ on the Chicken Ranch. Just until the heat wears off a little bit.

People get sick of hearin’ it and pretty soon it just clears out of the air. My girls’ll love to show you a little appreciation. Good people of Gilbert, may I have your attention, please? You just hold your horses. Love to help, but just like you don’t wanna mess with the Chicken Ranch Sign in to your Samuel French account. Little fat buddy, up to now you got two tickets: Well, sing it to gexas, honey. I don’t know about that electronic bullshit!

I don’t believe in matrimony.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Well, I hate admitting I was wrong, Miss Mona. I swear, you make that whorehouse wyorehouse like a damn nonprofit recreational facility.


The action takes place in the State of Texas. If there’s anything I can do I’m gonna take care of that little peckerwood myself. Even after all these years we’ve been meetin’ like this? He went to this big weddin’ once, and they ran out of wine.

I was a deputy back then, workin’ for Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd. Texas has a whorehouse in it, Lord, have mercy on our souls Texas has texzs whorehouse in it, Lord, have mercy Nothing can be that important that it can’t wait.

Get that circus out of town, or I’m gonna lock you up so fast