Numerical Modeling of the Thermal Behavior of Corrosion in Conduit in Transient Mode · Naouar Laaidi, Sougrati Belattar · Open Journal of Safety Science and. BELATTAR, Sougrati. Vol 4 () – Articles Numerical Modeling of the Thermal Behavior of Corrosion on Reinforced Concrete Abstract PDF. Paper submission. Semantic Scholar profile for Sougrati Belattar, with fewer than 50 highly influential citations.

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Sougrati Belattar – Citations Google Scholar

Thermal Nondestrutive Testing Infrared Thermography numerical ssougrati. The model used dougrati More. The numerical modeling and the infrared thermography principle applied to the analysis of corrosion defects in oil Conduits N Laaidi, S Belattar 11thInternational Conference on Quantitative InfraRed Thermography In a management system of the quality of concrete in construction sites, a destructive test is always present in the quality assurance procedure QAP to assess concrete strengths of the structure … More.

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By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Shanghai, China Sougati non-destructive testing from in situ measurements of heat flow and surface temperature at the same location on a wall surface S Belattar, A Hamdoun, P Thery, B Duthoit Measurement Science and Technology 2 6, In this paper we are studying the nondestructive investigation belatttar transport aircraft fuselage using infrared thermography and finite element method for a quicker and easier inspection.


The dams advance, move back, crack and sometimes collapse under the pressure of million tons of water.

Sougrati Belattar – Semantic Scholar

Measurement Science and Technology 2 6, Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation 30 3, It relates to the thermal nondestructive study of defects sugrati cracks type in the roadways. In the present work, we study the degradation of 3,5-dimethylphenol 3,5-DMP in heterogeneous phase with … More.

Phenolic compounds are one class of organic contaminants with high toxicity.

Nombre de citations par an. International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 41, Application of infrared thermography in the characterization of voids and honeycomb in concrete structure: Adresse e-mail pour l’envoi des notifications. Characterization of delamination by a thermal method of non destructive testing A Obbadi, S Belattar Proc. International Journal of Structural Integrity 5 2, In bbelattar paper, we investigate numerically the effect of the thermophysical nature of solder, used to connect two pipe elements, on the distribution of the surface temperature of this structure.


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This article proposes numerical simulations for the thermal nondestructive characterization. Thermal non destructive testing TNDT is a technique for obtaining surface temperature profiles on a structure, and subsequently relating this information to some imperfections within the structure.

Nouvelles citations des articles de cet auteur. The daily traffic on bridges, the moisture of the atmosphere belaytar the tiredness of materials, cause damages even the collapse of these works, if there is not a policy of maintenance and maintenance … More.

In more of the water pressure, there ar e several phenomena being able to degrade, even destroy … More.

We will focus … More.