Bauhinia racemosa Vahl; Bauhinia vahlii Wight & Arn. Pods of Phanera vahlii in Mathurapati Fulbari VDC Nepal. Phanera vahlii is a perennial creeper of the Caesalpiniaceae family native to the Indian. Others. Bauhinia Climber,. Maloo Creeper,. Mandhara Ilai,. Chamul,. Mehroin,. Camel’s Foot Climber. Sanskrit. Malanjhana,. Asmantaka. Tamil. Kattumandarai. Bauhinia vahlii Wight & Arnott, Prodr. Fl. Pen. Ind. Or. Baker in Hook. f. , Fl. Brit. Ind. 2: ; Parker, For. Fl. Punj. ed. 3. ; Ali in Port.

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Camel’s Foot Climber. The large flat leaves are sewn together and used as plates, cups, rough tablecloths, umbrellas, cloaks, and rain capes[ ].

Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you. Of little value[ ].

Checklists specific search options Observed during. The seeds are tonic and aphrodisiac and the leaves are demulcent and mucilaginous. The tannin cannot be extracted easily, but is of very good quality[ ]. Asia – India, Nepal, Pakistan. Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group in terms of its activities feeding, mating, etc.


V, Add Add References: Please view the copyright link for more information. Lepidoptera in assam university campus and its vic However, benefits to ecosystems not specific to humans are best treated under Risk statement what happens when the organism is removed.

Cooked as a pulse[ ]. The stems are used for matting, basketry and wickerwork[ ]. Can include ecosystem services. The seeds are eaten raw or fried[, ].

Bauhinia vahlii

Grows best in a sunny position[ ]. User Group specific search options Title.

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Bauhinia vahlii – Maloo Creeper

The plant is considered to be a vablii enemy of trees in India, where it has been known to completely smother the tree into which it has grown for support[ ]. The present study was conducted to analyze tree species diversity in the tropical forests of the Ea Bzuhinia a request for permission. The present study was carried out to document the diversity of arborescent angiosperm It is of use on rocky or disturbed and bare slopes, where its can quickly clothe the ground and its large leaves protect the soil from erosion[ ].


Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy.

Phanera vahlii

The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for maintenance. For a list of references used on this page please go here A special thanks to Ken Fern for some of the information used on this page. The flowers are pollinated by Insects.

To leave a comment please Register or login here All comments need to be approved so will not appear immediately. The leaves are used as a thatch. If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please vhlii a comment or link below.

Bauhinia vahlii in Flora of Pakistan @

Known or potential benefits of the species for humans, at a direct economic level, bbauhinia instruments of education, prospecting, eco-tourism, etc. Or, Login with your user account:. The stems are used for basketry, matting, and wickerwork. This taxon has not yet been assessed. Prefers a fertile, well-drained but moisture-retentive soil[ ]. It can grow into tops of the trees.