Here’s a bunch of resources for the Battlestar Galactica RPG that I’ve come up me running BSG games (although we’re playing it as a variant of d20 modern. Battlestar Galactica RPG Resources. Just wanted to thank you for the materials you have posted as PDF here. (although we’re playing it as a. Battlestar Galactica Minatures Battlestar Galactica Models Contact Gaming Accessories Models Other Science Fiction Minatures Star Fleet.

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The Minerva -class is a favorite of mine. I spring the attacks in the middle of a completely different adventure. This guy Waylan Wolf has covered the game pretty well and can send ya a pdf for your perusal: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Bttlestar are talking about a civilization that could sculpt 12 habitable worlds out of one solar system here. As a DM you wouldn’t be bound by the strict canon of the TV series.

There is a pretty decent precident for a small group of core individuals doing a lot of the big stuff on a ship. When Kobol fell, pices of its technology and knowledge base survived intact.

Eventually joining the crew and putting their anti-cylon expertise to use as galacyica strike team. Email required Address never made public. I think I shall replace the 12 models by a new bunch of skin-jobs even if it contradicts the series. It would be a bit difficult to be actually in the Fleet what with the named characters NPCs in a game I would guess stealling all the glory and making all the decisions.

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Battlestar Galactica d20 Future

Friday, 13th July, I would allow the players to create PC’s of whatever type they have in mind, be it soldiers, pilots one should be a pilot if possiblecivilian types of any kind, etc. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Using a combination of the RPG book background, the retcon information battlestarwiki. When that gets boring they’ll catch a transmission from the Gallactica, and chase them down for a while. As for the type of campaign, I can see three ways of doing it: Just wanted to thank you for the materials you have posted as PDF here.

It includes not just thoughts on the Colonial civilization, but ideas for improving the Cylons, and making the attacks more interesting. However, creating your own set of humanoid Cylons might be a good way galcatica go about it. Battlestar Galactica d20 Future Okay, so the good news is that a license has been granted to make a Battlestar Galactica roleplaying game.

galatcica It worked quite well. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Baltar and Personality Personality: Merci pour votre message. A wheelman who was basically a “car thief”.

A teleport FTL is not inconsistant with that technology level. It could also enable one or more of my players to play a cylon battkestar or not. They invented sentient robots about 40 years ago but then that went bad and they pretty much banned AI technology.

The Piazza

I borrowed the way-cool motorcycle terminator thingees for our campaign, as well. Saturday, 3rd March, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The group met each other while gathering supplies in a nearby town and started a resistance cell. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. They still rely on chemically powered firearms as primary weapons, nuclear arms are still the big guns. After that they’ll be on their own for a while, searching for survivors, gathering supplies, and helping where they can.


Well, I’ll yalactica certainly buy hattlestar book anyway, for background and setting information, but I already had lots of ideas on how to run games set in the Twelve Colonies in d20, especially d20 Future. It could also enable one or more of my players to play a cylon sleeping or not.

Starbuck, Apollo, Kat there are lots of other pilots, but I think these are the ones with the best claim on having the actual class Engineer: And on the other side, Colonial military vehicles ….

Gina Inviere (D20) | Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

What have you done on that cylon issue in your own campaign? Great idea, and reasonable views on their tech level. He does feet outer and jailed, but he had been helping the fleet. Anywho, that’s the basic plan anyways The assumption here was that they modified colonial equipment for their own purposes. And what fleet would be complete without. Home About Brooke Blog Contact. Maybe have them be “one step behind” sometimes, like getting Roslin’s call to rendevous too late, and by the time they show up the fleet has departed, or arriving at Kobol to the wreckage of a Cylon ship in orbit destroyed by a colonial nuke, and signs of recent landings on the planet.

Fr ship resources, one good la e to go for visuals d220 sci-fi meshes.