By now you’ve made your character and done the tutorial missions. The next important tools in your EVE toolbox are what I like to call “The Big. Each week, they bring guides, editorials, interviews and One of the oldest and most iconic EVE fansites, Battleclinic provides EVE players. BattleClinic is continually expanding and growing its list of free tools and guides for players. The site offers: Largest overall EVE killboard, with.

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The reason more people don’t do this is because unless you know how to do it, you will lose your ship and pod trying. Eve Uni link is provided above. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. How you can create a system that will allow you to battleclinic easy guaranteed profits from market trading.

The ISK PRO Guide | EVE PRO Guides

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. I actually prefer many of their fits to the Battleclinic ones. I hope you all like it.

Click on the one that says EFT Export. Eve in 2D [www. Here is a great guide on using EVEMon. EvE University Wiki [wiki. I would say one of the best resources is your corp mates. The site provides player-built tools and guides for free use, which help players deepen their enjoyment of EVE-Online.


In Boobiez We Trust. It will ask you if you want to import the fit. Nevertheless, the forum remains a good place to ask questions and discuss everything from ship setups and missions to PvP tactics and in-game politics. If you want to message him, send him an e-mail at brendan. battleclniic

Dont want to die? Beginners please read these! In the world of EvE Online information is golden, so I thought id offer some help with a bunch of useful Apps and info, that I and most other players accumulate over time.

The site also hosts one of EVE ‘s most popular killboards, tracking the stats and kills of players. Eve Minions is recruiting. CCP Games on Youtube When an official trailer or awesome official video comes out, this is where you’ll find it!

Can you make a hundred million or more by flying through some dangerous space without dying? Fairly comprehensive list but as Anup mentioned zKillboard missing.

EVE Evolved: A community guide to EVE Online

efe Covering everything from invention and blueprints to salvaging and loot drops, it’s the first place to look for raw facts and figures or handy web-based calculators. This week it’s my turn to give EVE Online the community guide treatment. Using these reports, you’ll know exactly how hard a given mission is so you can judge the risk involved without putting your ship in harm’s way.


It looks like it up to date but many ship classes are missing the BattleClinic loadouts, like it use to have years ago. Find the batleclinic you want to fly. In Boobiez We Trust 3, This is a pretty cool list, awesome work! All it takes is a little know how and you and your friends can cash in on other peoples work. But over the course of my break, I kept this character active with plex’es and kept the battlecoinic going.

– Backstage Lore Wiki

Dotlans Maps of EvE [evemaps. Play with them and have fun. Here is a great guide on using EVEMon to make the most of your ship. The first on the left is Browse, followed by Create, My Bzttleclinic, etc. BattleClinic operates several killboard sites.

Each of the new columns started with a definitive community guide showcasing handy links to useful websites, blogs and tools. Not only do they give multiple fits for each ship PvE, PvP, etc.