Yesterday, one of the chat persons told me I could convert paperport max files to pdf if I purchased the acrobat IX pro program. Now I’ve spent $ I have a number of scanned reference letters from my business that I previously scanned with a Visioneer scanner in Paperport Has anybody roduced a simple converter that will change *.max files into *.jpeg or indeed any format? Are you talking about the files/images created by PaperPort? I don’t know It accomplishes it in a 3 step batch process.

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There is a Paperport Viewer available for download, but I am looking for something that can convert them to. The Paperport program would be ridiculously expensive to purchase for only these files. Any Mefite’s know of software that can convert these files?


Solved: Converting .max files | Tech Support Guy

I’ve considered just doing screen captures, but that’s a lot of work one pic at a time. PDFCreator can print to.

So if you can print from the paperport viewer, that should work. There’s a 15 day trial of PaperPort. The Paperport program can definitely batch export to PDF see linkor perhaps even a more convenient format. Since this is a builtin feature of the software and hence can’t be that difficult to use, surely you could ask the person who sent them to you to resend in a more convenient even it’s PDF which you could then easily convert to jpeg.

Wow – get this!!

Resolved – how to convert legacy files (paperport MAX) | WindowsBBS

The Paperport “trial” is a different kind of batfh than we are used to with software. Perhaps you could get the originator to do the Save As It’s easy if they’re in one folder. Depending how big the total number of files is, I would offer to do the conversion for you.


I have PaperPort 11 Pro.

Solved: Converting .max files

Thanks for the suggestions! Have I mentioned how much I hate proprietary formats? In practice, if you’re shuffling scanned paper which I dothe. Much more concise than other formats.

It seems to be about as compact. GraphicConverter paper;ort be able to do what you want if you have, ho know someone who has a Mac. It was actually bundled with some of the machines, but I’m not sure what models. The Paperport “trial” is a different kind of animal than we are used to with software Actually a fair chunk of applications generally aimed at businesses do this.

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