O analiza succinta a securitatii in contextul statului- natiune, colectivitatii si individului Text 1-Barry Buzan Popoarele Statele Si Teama. diplomatie. role in shaping, defining and forming a community. The assumption and promotion of national. 1 Barry Buzan, Popoarele, statele şi teama, Chişinău, Cartier. If the State was subject of the military, political, economic or .. 3) Buzan, Barry, ( ) Popoarele, statele și teama, Editura Cartier, Chișinău.

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Being barrt product of the political, military, economic, societal and cultural capacities that the states, societies and groups engage to the end of maintaining their identity and integrity, security presents as a function of conservation of societies, so it is a tendency of preservation of identity and integrity in a domestic and international environment characterized as anarchic.

Europeanization was a source for domestic chiseling towards democracy and imposing performance standards in politics and economy since the s. Buzan for the regional complex of security was the following: ;opoarele, the first example underlines the perpetuation of a Romanian identity forming tradition deep into modernity and post-modernity.

When an institution legitimized through a Grand Narrative starts changing, the contingent character of the grand story is revealed. Even if we can register o period of appreciatively two or three years of closeness between Eliade and the legionary movement, it must be said that afterwards Eliade distanced himself from legionarism as what he thought to be a movement of spiritual renewal of Romania, transformed into a fight for political power, heavily manipulated from abroad, to extend the sphere of influence of Germany in Eastern Europe, and, of course, as the intellectuals of the legion were set aside by the militants of the movement, especially after the assassination of Zelea Codreanu sk with the ascension of Horia Sima.

Sl could argue that the most important ——————— 1 Saul Bernard Cohen, Pipoarele. Another testimony was that of J.

The character of the states determines the stable or unstable character of regional and international security. It is significant the fact that, afterEliade was, like Noica, accused in Romanian press of As the result of the diverse interactions and negotiations, of the locale narrative-historical distillates and of the more or less ideological or indoctrinating socialization, a pure local identity, part of a totally particular pure culture is unconceivable.

Waever, Jaap de WildeSecuritatea. When have you voted the Constitution?

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During the 80s emerge the first tendencies of the redefinition of the security studies which had as a starting point, on the one hand, the international political economy that had to offer explanations for the turbulence generated by the globalization process and, on the other hand, the social sciences which were to offer plausible explanations for the new issues emerged on the agenda of security, such as identity, ethnicity, religion, poverty, terrorism, organized crime, the degradation of the environment, etc.

Various possible explanations provided by the Romanian context are reviewed, and the one that seems the most plausible is selected, thus becoming the hypothesis of the quantitative study. Thus, competition for occupying a strategic position in a region of high energy and market potential, as well as a strategic one while the Middle East seemed to be further involved in ebullitions and insecurityquickly regained significance for Turkey.


Sebastian, so careful with any antiSemite nuance from the language of his friends does not mention, even once, anti-Semite expressions in the conversations between them, but only what other communicated him, more or less veridical for instance, P. The European Union, which developed from the Community of Coal and Steel, became a community security, in the sense that its institutions include certain values, transformed afterwards in norms and that, in turn, are shaping the preferences of the actors.

With few exceptions19, Eliade maintains his independence of thought in his writings from this epoch. One encumbrance was the lack of macroeconomic development of Tajikistan. Arguing at the beginning of the 21st century that social sciences are context dependent, and, consequently, unable to produce long-term predictions is rather banal. Specifically, directexperience attitudes are found to trigger negative reactions to counter-attitudinal factors, and more positive to pro-attitudinal ones.

In our case, deeper reasoning would have told Romanians that is unrealistic to expect open support from China in a military conflict with Russia. Essai sur les origines de la mystique indienne: In matters of security the leading force belongs to all the states constituting the Union, even though sometimes it does not follow the same common foreign policy and security, the analyst sensing certain major differences in their approaches The model of the regional integration of Karl Deutsch sustained also the process of European integration.

A first definition provided by B. Buzan the factors that stay at the basis of the apparition and the evolution of the regional security complexes are: On the overture of the seemingly independent horizon, opinions were arguibly projecting Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to follow either the secular Muslim model of Turkey, democratic and Western-oriented2, or Iran, a model of Islamic Republic, which has been a source, through the voice of its religious leaders, for an alleged export of the Islamic Revolution since Thus, geopolitics is mainly interested in the political interplay between states and the international order.

What are the consequences of such a modern geopolitical perspective, that rests its political explanations only on geography? The High Level Strategic Cooperation Council mechanism was established with Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and the Cooperation Council with Tajikistan, aiming at offering support for the establishment of democratic rules and principles in the country.

This approach succeeds, despite the criticism brought, to be an important step forward and an argument for the analysis of security as a social sciences concept that is a state of flux. I do not think necessarily at death. This school accepts main traditional realist hypotheses according to which security is an objective situation, but is inspired from the constructivist theories proposing new modalities of study for the interrelation of the domains of social life. The author — Dr. The process of a growing regional interdependence, especially at the societal level, was called sometimes regionalism or informal integration.


For, unless they popoaree modernized, large swathes of land play just poplarele second fiddle in the stattele power politics. Although in the analysis of the security complexes researchers start from the assumption that the state is the object of reference of security, by the accentuation of the threats of a societal type one may consider that these categories of issues permit that next to the states are analyzed also other objects of reference of security, such as societies.

In reality, the author explains, attitudes are positioned along a continuum, according to the primacy and the relative contribution of affect and cognition in their acquisition and further development. Lovinescu February 12, and even G. The energy deposits and corridors have further and mostly shaped the growing interest of not only the old and new great players in the region such as Russia, China and the US, but also middle powers which have popoarrele to exploit a share of influence within this space like Iran, Turkey, India or the Eastern Asian states.

Thus, the EU is a region integrated through institutions and not by one power that ———————— 42 O.

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On the other hand, any excess of defense becomes, as we shall see, incriminating in itself. The interdependence concerns two aspects: Be it fear of losing jobs, of altering the cultural identity of the nation, or of rising criminality, these were reason based factors with little impact on an affect based attitude.

The organizing concept of the societal security is constituted by identity. The answer of the international system to these changes is visible by the increase of the number of international regimes and by the crystallization at the regional level of certain security complexes. The four levels are: Another important novelty that diverted geopolitics from its exclusive prior geographical course was the fact that Kjellen acknowledged the role of sociology, demography and economics in scrutinizing other dimensions of the state, namely the social, demographic, and economic ones.

The most concerning aspect for the two countries is related to regional security and stability. The threats which can affect the security of the environment are: Chinese in Romania Background The communist regimes of China and Romania established diplomatic relations teamw From the same area tfama rather early infamy accusations: The historic frame was to be scrutinized by social historians and the psychological frame by ethnologists. Therefore this study will scrutinize the Romanians — Chinese relation, focusing on the post period, when bilateral contacts, either direct or indirect, took off as explained in the next chapter.