The Archers of Avalon: The Complete Trilogy (Anew, Awry, and Avow) – Kindle edition by Chelsea Fine. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . Awry (Archers of Avalon, book 2) by Chelsea Fine – book cover, description, publication history. Welcome to the Archers of Avalon Wiki Edit. Wiki about the Archers of Avalon series. If you haven’t read this series, you Anew, Awry, Avow. By Chelsea Fine .

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Awry (Archers of Avalon, book 2) by Chelsea Fine

This helps us with maintaining our blog and allowing us to do giveaways. What happen to Archer brothers and Scarlet reveal here.

For more of my reviews, please visit: I seriously need the next book. Upcoming Tours None yet!

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. The guy has green eyes, yo! She licked her lips. I feel as though I should be jumping around my house, fist pumping the air.

I adored book two. He keep saying that she shouldn’t be near him, that he isn’t good for her and she have to stay away from him. She was able to maintain the story and the characters as well as her writing enable you to flawlessly flow from one scene to the next.


Because if there is something I want to talk about, it is how much Arcgers and Tristan touched my heart. Has never met Scarlet before Heather and Scarlet for in for drinks even though it’s mentioned Scarlet is there all the time. I loved book one. That would just be wrong on so many levels.

Usually they annoy me to no end and I feel like hitting them for how stupid they are or for the dumb decisions they make. Plus, we as the reader, have to choose between two amazingly talented, sweet and gorgeous guys.

The foundation wasn’t laid for that and it feels weird, out of place, and disruptive. Heather made a freaked-out squeaky noise.

Keeping you constant attention, total nail biter! But after Scarlet dies, something strange happens. His actions were honorable and technically speaking it should have made me a fan of Gabe. How it avakon to be, what it represented, and why it meant so much to our dear Tristan.

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Felt, yano as in past tense. Oh speaking about question did this book answer your questions from the previous one? Buddy read with these really amazing girls: I also loved the flash back that explains his hot tattoo. I would let Heather dress me and we both would make cracks to Nate about his awesome geekiness.


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I loved their interactions together despite its awkwardness and harsh reality. Need I tell you how much I love girls who have capacity for forthright repartee?

But in this book?

But these were done seamlessly. I am now off to hunt down the next book so as to fangirl a little bit more. Want to Read saving…. I hate Avzlon with every fiber of my being. While everyone is struggling with trying to figure out why the curse is changing, they make a decision to go into seeker mode. The MC’s best friend was much more sympathetic in this one for me.