This set of exemplars illustrates the use of the e-asTTle marking rubric to score writing across the writing prompts. The exemplars cover the full scoring range. asTTle Writing Rubric in Student Speak. Created by Clevedon School from asTTle Writing Rubrics. Last updated: Ideas. Learning Intention. The e asTTle framework for assessing writing. Developing the prompts, marking rubric, and annotated exemplars. Extending the usefulness.

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Module 2 – Writing

This is a useful summary, easy to read and contains important ideas about your English language writng. Rubric scores and curriculum levels are distinctly different things. However, teachers should test younger students using e-asTTle writing only if they can communicate at least one or two simple ideas in writing without teacher assistance.

Teachers can consider this as one piece of evidence when making an overall teacher judgment.

The range of scores is within curriculum level expectations although increasingly fewer students in Years 7 to 10 performed at or above the curriculum levels expected for their year levels.

The Writing manual is available for download below. Please be aware that if you are downloading documents from our site for the first time you will be asked to supply your contact details for our records. Do not be concerned if, for example, a student is at an Matrkx on one category and an R2 on another.

  ESM 3710 PDF

Category R3 does not translate to curriculum level 3! Teachers can use the table to convert an e-asTTle rubric score to an e-asTTle writing scale score an aWs score and curriculum level descriptor.

Writing: Moderation and things to consider | e-asTTle Help

The exemplars cover the full scoring range, and the full range of skill development, for each element of writing. A more comprehensive picture will involve collecting multiple pieces of assessment data from a range of contexts and experiences across the curriculum.

See Choosing a Writing Prompt for more information. The curriculum levels are not used as part of the marking. Students should be able to write at least one or two simple ideas. You will find the Structure and Language notes after the rubrics and before the annotated exemplars, inside the scoring rubrics document.

In order for the e-asTTle application to calculate a scale score for a student, each element must be scored against the rubric. You will find these inside the scoring rubric. Part A contains information about the tool, marking and administration and writiny reports.

Marking resources for e-asTTle writing (revised)

This should be used only when a non-standardised form of writing assessment is being undertaken, for instance, when:. Home Contact e-asTTle Disclaimer. However, within each category it is important to note that a minor error or glitch is allowed.

Each element of writing should be scored independently. No educational assessment is perfectly precise. Teachers may wish to write their own prompts that relate explicitly to classroom topics of study. Jatrix the same time, it is important to develop writing skills in writung contexts e.


An e-asTTle Writing assessment provides a snapshot of what a student can achieve by themselves under standardised conditions. Imprecision also needs to be taken into account when considering the curriculum level descriptor.

Moderation and things to consider. However, due to the change in rubric, measurement scale and prompts, you will not be able to directly compare scores on the new version of e-asTTle with scores on the previous versions. The exercise defined an appropriate score range on an e-asTTle assessment for each level of writing competence described by the progressions. We offer them writimg schools to support their professional learning and development.

Matrices, templates and review tools | Evaluation Associates

Quick links Assessment Online. Now you have seen the digital clip it is time for you to place your own students on the writing matrix. The Structure and Language notes are specific to a prompt. Each annotated exemplar has been scored using the marking rubric.

The generic exemplars can be used to check interpretation of individual categories for example, category R2 in spelling, or category R4 in ideas. Home Contact e-asTTle Disclaimer.