The number of areas or parts to be radiographed and the acceptance standard to be applied shall be specified in the contract, purchase order, product. Standard. Standard number, ASTM-E ; ASTM-E Title, Standard Method for Controlling Quality of Radiographic Testing. Buy ASTM E METHOD FOR CONTROLLING QUALITY OF RADIOGRAPHIC TESTING from SAI Global.

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Normative references

Colorado – Section San Francisco – Section North Florida – Section The direct tensile force is applied by rotating the hand wheel. There may be other welding codes and standards that may prohibit Iridiumwhat welding code are you welding the boat to?

Rochester – Section The three feet of the unit can be fixed in the large position overall dimensions mm diameter with very stable bearing, or in the compact position overall dimensions Nebraska – Section I’ve read in AWS where iridium is prohibited on aluminum below 2. We are currently performing radiographic inspection on an aluminum boat, and have used an iridium source. Personally I see no problem used Iridiumas l;ong as you are getting correct film densities and the relevant penny hole size is readily seen.


E Digital pull-off strength tester Concrete Cement-Mortar. Puget Sound Olympic – Section I agree with the Privacy Policy. By – Date Non sei loggato per vedere i manuali Entra. Supplied complete with carrying casebut without accessories to perform the test, which have to be ordered separately. Powered by mwForum 2. This dynamometer measures the adhesive force and the tensile strength of two layers of materials concrete, facing plasters, mortars, building plasters, lime etc.

Adhesion aluminium disc, square 50×50 mm 10 pieces. Nevada – Section This society has a specific document for Rules For Building and Classing Al Vessels as well as Rules for NDE of Hull welds and even though it has been years since I worked in the ship building industry including Al hulls I aatm recall this type of restriction for a e14 only the phrase An acceptable radiographic technique is to be followed such as that indicated in ASTM E or other recognized standard Regards.


Test Accessories Manuals Spare Parts.

Digital pull-off strength tester | Matest

Not logged in American Welding Society Forum. Is this the case, even if we meet sensitivity on penetrameter?

Johnson Date Florida West Coast – Section That code will tell you whether it is acceptable or not. To perform the test a common electric drill is required. Arizona – Section Compact, light and suitable for use in any location, this Pull-Off Tester is fitted with a load cell and high resolution large digital display unit; it is therefore suitable for measurements from low loads up to 16 kN, granting a wide working range and ideal for a large number of applications and materials.

Adhesion stainless steel disc 50 mm 10 pieces.