Standard and ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 51, except as modified by Units shall be tested in accordance with ANSI/AMCA Standard /ANSI/ASHRAE. Standard — Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Aerodynamic Performance Rating (ANSI/AMCA Standard ) (ANSI/ASHRAE Approved). and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) approved ANSI/AMCA Standard ANSI/ASHRAE Standard , Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for.

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AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It can be shown that: The geometry of the common segments used for testing on the outlet side of the fan is defined in Figures 18, 19 and The specification permitting an uncertainty based on the maximum observed test reading during the test leads to combined relative uncertainties in both fan pressure and fan airflow rate that are higher at low values of the fan pressure or fan airflow rate than at high values of those test results.

The latter may be considered equal to the fan total efficiency for a aashrae without drive losses.

The pressure exerted by the atmosphere. Chamber Leakage Rate Test Procedure Informative The volume of interest is the volume between the measurement plane and the air moving device.

It may be positive or negative. For small changes in air density or rotational speeds, the air can be treated as incompressible. Any combination of screens or perforated sheets may be used. This value yields the same power output as the polytropic process over the same range sshrae pressures.

The portion of air pressure that exists by virtue of the degree of compression. The power required to drive the fan and any elements in the drive train that are considered a part of the fan. Instruments shall be set up, calibrated, and read by qualified personnel trained to minimize errors.


Groups approve laboratory methods for testing fans.

This is easily obtained by using the specified calibration procedures. The standard deviation of random errors can be determined by statistical analysis of repeated measurements.

It also applies to Figure 15 in Plane 8, in which case, the mean velocity in Plane 6 nozzle outlet is called the jet velocity. All four taps shall be connected to a piezometer ring.

The airflow rate Q3 at the Pitot traverse plane shall be obtained from the velocity Ashtae and the area A3 using: Learn more about Amazon Prime. Hg and readable to 34 Pa 0. A total pressure tube is sensitive only to the pressure in the immediate vicinity of the open end.


Various dimensionless quantities appear in the text. The smallest division on the scale of such an instrument should represent not more than 0. When a reaction dynamometer is used to measure torque, the fan power input H shall be calculated from the beam load Fusing the moment arm l and the fan rotational speed N using: The geometric mean is the square root of the product of the two end values: This may be used to simulate an outlet duct.

When the fan discharges into a duct with a piezometer ring, total pressure Pt2 shall be considered equal to the sum of the average static pressure Ps4 and the velocity pressure Pv4 corrected for the friction loss due to both the straightener and the length L2,4 of the duct between the fan outlet and the measurement plane. The static calibration shall be accomplished by suspending weights from a torque arm. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this American National Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards listed below.


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Wet-bulb and dry-bulb thermometers should be of the same type. Every precaution should be taken to ensure that the air velocity does not influence the pressure measurement. The pressure when the datum pressure is absolute zero.

Locate the tube as shown in the setup figure. A nozzle with throat taps shall be used when the discharge is direct into a duct, and the nozzle outlet should be flanged. To obtain a representative reading, an instrument must either be damped or the reading must be averaged in a suitable manner.

amca 210 07 airflow nozzle

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The mass per unit volume of air. Diameter ratio has been omitted in Section 7.

When pressure response times 551-07 long, inspect for possible blockage. The interface between a fan and its driver. The uncertainty in the airflow rate only can be determined from the above uncertainties by combining: The fan laws should not be employed if this condition is suspected. The ratio of the mean airflow rate through the fan to the airflow rate at fan air asrhae the ratio of the fan total pressure that would be developed with an incompressible fluid to the fan total pressure that is developed with a compressible fluid, i.