Title: Ashes. Author: Ilsa J. Bick. Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Speculative Fiction. Publisher: Egmont USA Publication Date: September An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky, destroying every electronic device, wiping out every computerized system, and killing billions. Alex hiked into . SHADOWS pretty much picks up where ASHES left off and is a bigger and broader book, with a LOT going on, new characters to meet, new mysteries to unravel.

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Ruhelose Seelen Part 2: She meets up with other survivors and together they attempt to find safe haven, but that’s hard to do when even other survivors are likely to shoot teenagers on sight in fear that they are changed. They’re about the same size and they definitely look like they’d swim around together in the ocean if left to their devices. Returning is her sense of smell They share a cup of coffee, but before Alex can continue on her way, all of them are suddenly struck down in agony.

I happened by this book from my librarian at our high school.

So You Read ASHES a Year Ago

So they are not zombies. Ruhelose Seelen, Teil 1 by Ilsa J. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Cross posted at http: What’s more – most teenagers have reacted to this beam by becoming flesh-eating zombies – the alive, fast, and insanely dangerous kind.


This was a re-read for me. Like Alex, he possesses a super-sense and can determine emotions and truthfulness through touch. It seems likely that the seeds asshes her head had something to do with her unusual reaction j.bifk the world events, but we don’t know for sure, and though Alex spends some time thinking about it, most of her attention is focused on reacting to events.

Not many authors do this and it makes her work all the stronger for it.

This book started out with me just wanting to kick an 8 year old’s whiney butt. A perfect compliment, filling in the gaps in Alex’s survival knowledge.

ASHES is a must read. She meets this old ashess and his 8-year-old granddaughter while sitting on top of a mountain, and suddenly, some kind of invisible laser of intense pain you’ll have to read Ashes to find out what it really is!!

View all 64 comments. I read it at the breakfast table, in the closet waiting out a tornado warning, in the bathroom, in the car, at the eye doctor, at the gym. This portion served mostly to create an unnecessary love triangle. As for the website.

I can’t help it, I love this book. The relationship between Tom and Alex had been developed so well in the first section — sure it was partly born out of fear and desperation — but it felt real and gradual and had my full investment. View all 70 comments. A realistic amount of time passes. Once away from Rule and many miles into ashees Zone, Alex comes upon a awhes tableau: Yeah she’s young and scared but Alex is a better person than I probably would be if our roles were switched.



Alex just wants out of this crazy place, to find Ellie and Tom. Can you please write one last book with a concluding ending of Ashes! I have so many questions that can only be answered by another book. For this improvised family and the others who are spared, it’s now a question of who can be trusted and who is no longer human. It didn’t bother me. Was Chris a bad guy after all? Suckier still, Alex carries a monster in her head: She is 15 and an orphan with a brain tumor.