D. IMPORTANT INFORMATION – PLEASE READ. IT IS ILLEGAL. • To allow someone to use your placard, if you are not in the vehicle. • To possess or display a. Disability License Plates & Placards in California | : A completed Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates (Form REG ). Medical. Fill reg dmv form dmv instantly, download blank or editable online. Description of dmv handicapped placard application california Application For Disabled Person Parking Placard or Plates (REG ) · Disabled Person Parking .

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A medical professional will need to: How much does a CA Disability Placard cost? You must reapply for a disabled parking placard disabeld your temporary placard expires and you still need it. Thank you for providing information on how to get placardes and plates for disabled people.

You can also use this form for temporary disability placard renewal or replacement. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You will need a new medical certification each time you apply. Eligible California residents with short term or long term disabilities may apply for DP placards or plates by completing an Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plate REG and submitting the appropriate fees if applicable by mail or in person at a local DMV field office.

Disability License Plates & Placards in California |

A lot of people would rather skip the whole purchasing process. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Keep the stress to a minimum using these tips.


Once the placard expires, you can reapply up to 6 times in a row. If you are temporarily disabledyou can apply for a handicap placard that applicafion valid for no more than 6 months. Disabled License Plate Renewal If you have a disabled person DP or disabled veteran DV license plate, you must renew your vehicle registration in order to keep your license plate up to date.

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You will need to submit to the DMV:. By Mail To apply for a disabled placard or license plate in California pegson mailyou will need: To apply for a disabled placard or license plate in California by mailyou will need:.

Additional Resources For Additional information: Payment for the appropriate fee see ” Fees for Disability Placards ” below.

You will need to submit to the DMV: If you persln a driver with a disability, you can apply for a disabled parking placard or license plate from the California Department of Motor Vehicles DMV. The California DMV issues: Payment for the required fee; please see ” Fees for Disability Placards ” below for fee information.

Stay up to date on the most important news and trends petson the DMV and driving world. A disabled placard or license plate allows you to park in certain places, but some parking is still off limits. Please check your inbox including spam box. At red, yellow, or white curbs. How to Replace a California Disability Placard If your disabled placard is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can replace it by submitting: Permanent placards and plates.


Permanent placardsif you are a permanently disabled placrd.

Subscribe to the DMV. Fees for new placards and plates: The application process will be the same regardless of the type of disability placard or license plate you choose to obtain. Read below for more information about disabled parking regulations and disabled parking placards, including how to apply for one.

Free, but you must pay your vehicle registration fees. You’ll need to have application completed by a medical professional. The CA DMV offers several types of disabled license plates and handicap placards for drivers with disabilities:. Thanks for signing up! You can submit your placard application: Disabled parking placards still expire, even if they are permanent.

Disabled person DP license platesif you have a vehicle registered in your name. Medical certification completed ON the application by one of the following: You should plan ahead when applying for a CA handicap parking permit because:.

Disability Plates and Placards in California

I needed to thank you for this great read!! Chiropractor ONLY for disabilities related to the use of lower extremities or hands. Facebook Homepage Check out instructional videos: Submit the materials by mail to: