Hi guys, my library of options on Automator don’t have the watermark for images ( only watermark for pdf’s – search for tutorials on internet I. This workflow works for me. User uploaded file. The results. User uploaded file. Message was edited by: Frank Caggiano – Added screen shot. I may agree with you. Can’t get it to work as drag/drop application, with a rename after the watermark — or as a Printer plugin as below.

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When I saved it I had the alpha box checked Ask a question Reset.

You then need to play with autommator X Y coordinates: I’m not sure at all whether it works under later OSes as well.

Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Oct 23, 3: That ends my curiosity. Here is the syntax clean PyObjC source code, with two new constants that produced this result.

I tried it again autlmator now, doing the things you just listed:. That would work perfectly, problem is, I can’t get it to work at all. I’d think it is because imagePath is not a C string pointer which the function expects but a CFStringRef or something which is implicitly converted from python string.


It appears the script is throwing an error. Thanks for the effort, but doesn’t work in Terminal in OS X Zutomator start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. User profile for user: I’d love for someone to be able to make it work on their computer then tell me how they did it so I can duplicate it.

Not a python scriptor but one of you might be bale to see what trouble is. Here’s the revised tool.

Sep 30, 3: You then need to play with the X Y coordinates:. Tony T1 Tony T1. Frank Caggiano Frank Caggiano. Looking at, but have not run, a PyObjC watermark solution right now.

Automator Actions for Watermarking images

Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Oct 22, wagermark Tony T1 Tony T1. A somewhat convoluted workflow that converts images to PDFs and back can be created, for example: Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

If you collapse the workflows, you should be able to get a screenshot: I use this syntax in the Terminal: Posted on Sep 30, Oct 23, 6: Can someone walk me through what it is suppose to look like? In Yosemite that dummy file is not loaded.


Automator Actions for Watermarking images | MacRumors Forums

User profile for user: I may agree with you. Since I don’t get this error with pyobjc 2. In Terminal on I even tried the images you supplied above. What needs to be before it and after it? When I run it in the Terminal following precisely its command-line argument order, there appears to remain a consistent problem on line 31 with one of the Core Graphics methods, and a variable that was referenced before set.

I am learning more about this Python code.

How to watermark PDFs and images using Quick Actions in macOS Mojave

User profile for user: I aligned it and it fit perfectly. Never realized that that was there and it sure does make posting a workflow a whole lot easier! The Workflow works fine on That is the only error, so far.

Oct atuomator, 9: Sep 30, 4: All replies Drop Down menu. Posted on Sep 10, 5: Oct 1, 7: Oct 22, 1: Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

And even if it does, editing tool.