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Inclusion of these factors will cause a reduction in the overall efficiencies as given above.

These impurities can corrosion. A liquid desiccant used to absorb water of vapors water by liquids glycol from the gas vapor from the gas. Pipe type heat exchangers shall be con- Other components may be insulated as specified at time structed and tested in accordance with ANSI B The corrosiveness of rich glycol is metallurgy, stress, welding procedures and dependent on many variables, especially the heat treatment all have a part in the corro- amount of carbon dioxide CO,hydrogen sion potential of a system.

The action of the gas flowing upward controlled automatically or manually. In addition, the glycol surge tank lube oil cause glycol to have a higher tendency to foam, elevation shall always supply adequate liquid head to leading to a reduction of gas handling capacity in the the glycol pump. Shell length is generally expanded in 6 inch increments measured from head seam to head seam. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members!

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The heat duty requirement of the Sizing criteria for the individual pieces of equipment reboiler shall include the benefit of a heat exchanger are given in Appendix D.


For pH can be corrosive: The other type of contactor is referred to as a causes the water that was absorbed in the contactor to packed tower. It vented directly to the atmosphere. Prevention of gas channeling from the mist extractor to the outlet nozzle Example: The glycol 12gddu tank should densate and compressor lube oil in the gas stream can have enough volume to handle start up, normal opera- cause problems in several ways.


Use of eccentric WR. Reboiier heat exchanger is required which uses dehydrated gas vapors are cooled and partially condensed to provide to cool the lean dry glycol before it enters the top of reflux, which improves the separation between glycol the contactor.

The mist extractor in minimizes coking and foaming problems.

Inlet Gas Specific Gravity D. The bar notations in the margins are provided as an aid to users to identify those parts of this publication that have been changed from the pre- vious edition, apu API makes no warranty as to the accuracy of such bar notations. The column The inlet scrubber may be a;i or integral with the is to be flanged such that it is removable and is to be contactor as specified by the purchaser.

API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units

Higher Temperatures will increase the amount of water vapor to be removed, as A. Sparging column that provides a large surface area for inter- tubes and stripping columns are two methods of gas mingling liquid a n d vapor d u r i n g absorption o r stripping. Relief valves shall comply with the fabricated. The mist extractor design rate must be chosen by considering the purity of may be one of several designs; for example, a section of the glycol a t the inlet to the contactor; the number of parallel vanes, or a wire mesh pad.

The purchaser 24 shall advise the manufacturer of the site elevation. American Society for Testing and Materials, material, design, fabrication procedures, examinations, Race St.

Maximum water content of the dehydrated gas is nor- 2. A cooler glycol glycol on the contactor trays will become very 12ggdu, temperature will decrease the glycol vaporization losses resulting in reduced tray efficiency, increased pressure but hydrocarbons may condense in the contactor.


Vent piping should is very important to make sure that steam is coming be kept to a minimum.

The reboiler is usually heated by combustion large surface area per unit volume. Also, the firetube surface area for the various heat fluxes are contained in Table D. Therefore, consideration must be given to the location and manner in which these vapors are vented, H.


A nameplate shall be attached to the side of the vessel at about eye level 6 to 6 ft above skid 7. Lean Glycol from Heat Exchanger: ASME components fur- 7. The rup- cally constructed and the minimum diameter is generally ture disk is normally selected to relieve above the set governed by the allowable velocity of the contactor.

Of primary concern amount of salt contamination of the rich is the presence of acid gases carbon dioxide- glycol. Stamping directly on the vessel shell the side of the vessel at about eye level and shall con- may be injurious to the vessel and should be avoided. Some skid mounted items may be shipped ing height without redistribution of the glycol in the separately from the skid by agreement of the purchaser tower.

The retention volume required is calculated using the retention time and the circula- 6. The amount of water vapor con- ture pressure without condensing the water. Water in a gaseous form.

In some cases the changes are sig- nificant, while in other cases the changes reflect minor editorial adjustments.