Annihilation of Caste. The Annotated Critical Edition. by B.R. Ambedkar Edited by S. Anand Introduction by Arundhati Roy. Paperback; Ebook . Kraentk Sir, please purchase only the ORIGINAL VERSION of Annihilation of Caste written by ar alone. I recommend you not to purchase. Praise for the book. ‘Annihilation of Caste has to be read only because it is open to serious objection. Dr Ambedkar is a challenge to Hinduism No Hindu who.

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Znnihilation society is predominantly divided into four castes. And Equality, the most ‘fallacious’ of all, but a prerequisite in the pursuit of a democratic government. Jul 06, Justin Podur rated it it was amazing Shelves: He refused to grant them a separate electorate, despite doing the same for less populous religious groups.

It was shocking, to say the least, to read Dr Ambedkar espousing reasons like: Refresh and try again. This served as a rational and insightful introduction into the wrongs committed by ‘Hinduism’ and Indian society at large. With a Reply to Mahatma Gandhi. Radhakrishnan is said to have informed Ambedkar casge phone about his inability to help him.

Annihilation of Caste by B.R. Ambedkar

History is rarely black and white yet biased reporting always makes it so. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

How much I wish this book were taught in the school. Moreover, without a conscious attempt to do so, Dr.


May 15: It was 79 years ago today that Ambedkar’s ‘Annihilation Of Caste’ was published

Since I do not take religious books literally, most of the arguments in this speech were evident to me. For an average reader it may take hardly an hour or two to read this speech-turned-article.

Ambedkar or more judicious about its own future. This edition generated inevitable questions regarding political representation, caste, privilege, and power in Indian society.

Every sentence is a quotable quote. Ambedkar’s book for a more precise argument.

Annihilation of Caste – Wikipedia

He quotes from various sources both literary and religious to bash the upper castes. Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development “, which had been presented at a seminar in New York in Being an ‘Untouchable’ himself, he knew the situation of lower castes inside out. I have no hesitation in saying that if the Mahomedan has been cruel, the Hindu has been mean; and meanness is worse than cruelty. However, for me character qnnihilation of the Mahatma was a bit excessive.

Later, Ambedkar had the speech printed and published it as a small booklet. This also forms the basis for hundreds of millions of Indian dalits escaping the folds of Hinduism and embracing a new faith, majorly Buddhism.

Paperbackpages. Disturbed because they seemed eerily similar to the logic and arguments forwarded by the ‘Hindutva’ brigade.

If it does, then India is still in fo hands. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. While I thoroughly enjoyed Dr Ambedkar’s rational arguments and his invocation of scientific temper and principles annihilattion fraternity, equality and liberty in the later sections of the book and his scathing retort to the Mahatma regarding the caste question, still I couldn’t help but feel highly disturbed by his arguments and reasoning put forward for the destruction of caste system, in the initial parts of the book.


He was the only one who provided the much-needed leadership to the vast Indian population which responded to him brushing aside differences that are intrinsic to a heterogeneous country like India.

Not sure how much of it is her opinion and how much is fact – hope it’s opinion. Both these responses are included in this book and make riveting reading.

Its not just an analysis of social evils and some scholarly thesis, it presents a solution, solution so radical and yet being proved practical. Gandhi accused Ambedkar to be misinformed and judgmental and believed that he was throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Annihilation of Caste

Second reason is giving up caste means giving up Hinduism itself. Bhimrao’s erudite synthesis of this reply to Gandhi has inspired veneration for him. Annihilation of Caste is a breach of peace.