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Chirurgia andrologica durante il NASA Evolution, scelto ospedale Terni

New advances in the electroejaculation of the bull. Effect of semen collection by transrectal massage of accessory sexual glands andeologia artificial vagina on the outcome of breeding soundness examinations of Italian yearling beef bulls. Se contaron los espermatozoides presentes en 5 de los 25 cuadros de la misma. Cada botella contiene una dosis de 4. Electroejaculation increased vocalization and plasma concentrations of cortisol and progesterone, but not substance P, in beef bulls.

Our results demonstrated that three separate sperm subpopulations coexist in boar ejaculates, Bull Breeding Soundness, 3rd edition. Comparative evaluation of the effect of antioxidants in the conservation of ram semen. Support Center Support Center.

Curso práctico de Andrología y criopreservación de semen bovino

Sperm head length decreased of 8. International Journal of Development Research, v. Journal of Dairy Science, v. Effects of epidural lidocaine anesthesia on bulls during electroejaculation.

Published online Oct 1. Physiology of reproduction and artificial insemination of cattle. Effect of antioxidants resveratrol and quercetin on in vitro evaluation of frozen ram sperm.


Background Sexing sperm is an important biotechnical that enables improve animal production, with achievement of maximum animal breeding. However, all sex semen methodologies can promote irreparable damages to sperm cell, which compromise their fertility [ 1 ]. National Association of Animal Breeders,p. Quality of semen collected by transrectal massage in bulls restrained in the presence of a cow.

Use of oxytocin and cloprostenol to facilitate semen collection by electroejaculation or transrectal massage in bulls. Comparison of electroejaculation and transretal massage for semen collection in range and yearling feedlot beef bulls. Animal Reproduction Science, v. Methods To perform this study were used three semen pools from four mature goats, collected with artificial vagina.

EGE I Empresa Genetica Especial

Does bovine besnoitiosis bovinls the sexual function of chronically infected bulls? Handling cases of sterility in practice. These sperm subpopulation changed their distribution during cooling process.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Instituto de Zootecnia, v. Journal of Veterinary Medicine Science, v. Canadian Veterinary Journal, v. Technique for obtaining spermatozoa for physiological dairy studies and artificial insemination.

Please review our privacy policy. Andro,ogia perform this study were used three semen pools from four mature goats, collected with artificial vagina.

Evaluation of possible methods to reduce pain associated with electroejaculation in bulls. Use of internal artificial vaginas for breeding soundness evaluation in range bulls: To determine the morphometric parameters of the sperm head, and identify the presence of separate sperm subpopulations in boar semen were evaluated 20 ejaculate samples of 10 boars. American Journal of Veterinary Research, v.

Journal of Anxrologia Research, v. Therefore, antioxidants therapies can be an important alternative to protect the sperm during laboratory manipulation [ 3 ].


Curso de Andrologia en Bovinos

Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioner, p. The spermatic cells recovered from each gradient, with or without resveratrol, were evaluated too. Sperm motility, viability, acrosome integrity and morphological abnormalities were evaluated on fresh and cooling semen samples. Journal Dairy Science, v. Evaluation of segmented rectal probe and caudal epidural anaesthesia for bovinis of bulls.

Effect of electroejaculation on progesterone and cortisol excretion in bovine semen.

However, new studies should be realized to reduce the standard variances and determine the real role of resveratrol on sperm protection.

Semen collection by electro-ejaculation and massage of the pelvic organs. Universidad del Zulia LUZ.

Morphometry characterization of boar sperm head with computer assisted analysis preliminary results. Comparison of semen samples collected from beef bulls by transrectal massage or artificial vagina.

Among the main causes of injures to the sperm bovinow the reactive oxygen species, which have bovknos production intensified during semen manipulation [ 2 ]. Welfare aspects of theriogenology: Veterinaria e Zootecnia, v. Thus, as resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant with an important role on sperm protection [ 3 ], the aim of this study was to evaluate the protective effect of resveratrol on goat sperm submitted to sex sorting in discontinuous Percoll gradient.

Calidad de la Motilidad.