One Trillion Dollar (Eine Billion Dollar) by Andreas Eschbach: Fancast. by nroslawitz | created – 12 Apr | updated – 13 Apr | Public. Sort by: List Order. Eine Billion Dollar. Das sind eintausend Milliarden, eine Million Millionen – mehr Geld, als man sich überhaupt vorstellen kann. Und doch ist dieses Vermögen. Written by Andreas Eschbach, Audiobook narrated by Volker Niederfahrenhorst. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting.

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Think richer than most states.

Und dann ist da noch ein geheimnisvoller Fremder, der ihn zu verfolgen, zu beobachten scheint. Eschbach heeft zich niet alleen gebaseerd op specialisten, maar ook websites van internationale instanties, archieven van Die Welt, en veel meer.

Well worth my listening time and the narration is wonderful. It would be theoretically possible to build up a fortune as described in the book. Despite a solid opening, this book has some serious flaws.

Andreas Eschbach

First, the strengths, which to amdreas are summed up best by the book’s opening. His first professional publication was the short story Do Andreas Eschbach is a German writer who mostly writes science fiction.

On the advice of his mysterious new consultant, Malcolm McCaine, he founds a huge corporation called Fontanelli Enterprises and strategically invests the inherited fortune in a diversified group of projects to grow his power and influence.

E poi ci sono le lunghe, tediose spiegazioni economiche, sul denaro, sui poteri del mondo. I don’t think Eschbach intended to write John as being as stupid as he comes off, because he’s possibly one of the dumbest characters to grace the pages of a book. Hij laat zich bijstaan, natuurlijk. The megalomaniacal executive frequently lectures John on various aspects of the financial system and the problems facing humanity, and later on a scientist is introduced to lecture the megalomaniacal executive about the analysis of the problems facing humanity.


He was born August 1,in La Spezia, Italy. Jeffrey Archer Narrated by: Le aspettative dei Biolion, gli avvocati che per mezzo millennio hanno devoluto le loro esistenze al mantenimento e all’incremento di questa fortuna, sono enormi. Ever wondered what it would be like to be rich?

Oct 04, Kai Detmers rated it really liked it. View all 3 comments. Even if some of his stories do not exactly fall into the SF genre, they usually feature elements of the fantastic.

At andreaw I thought that I would have liked to have a bit more background on him but Eschbach wastes no time in getting to the meat of the story. Dec 10, Sabrina M rated it really liked it.

En zo groeit bij John het besef hoe geld de wereld domineert en rondreist en via intresten terug bij hem komt gezien hij ondertussen eigenaar van enkele banken is. Fino eschbaach con Malcom, un uomo geniale che aveva scoperto venticinque anni prima la profezia e aveva passato quel tempo ad attenderlo, e a prepararsi.

Eine Billion Dollar (Audiobook) by Andreas Eschbach |

The book deals with how he struggles to figure out how to do that. How would you save the world if you had 1. He is to inherit a fortune, which started as eschbac three hundred florin investment in the sixteenth century by his ancestor Giacomo Fontanelli, but through the magic of compound interest has grown into a trillion dollars — and is still growing!

Denn die Sache hat — wie kann es anders sein andreaas einen Haken. This book might be genuinely interesting to someone that knows nothing of the modern financial system, but I’m bil,ion that person. This is the character we get to know best, and he has approximately zero depth. Eine turbulente Jagd beginnt. Surprising finance thriller At first it seemed a little naive and simplistic, but then all the implications, problems and consequences of biolion existence of such a tremendous amount of money are eventually explored.


One Trillion Dollars, in contrast, is a more typical novel and it brings Eschbach’s weaknesses to the fore as much as his strengths.

“Eine Billion Dollar”

The final number that John will inherit is never a mystery to us readers since we’ve read the title of the book, so it’s dolar testament to Eschbach’s ability to write scenes that he manages to make it tense and engaging even though we know the final outcome.

Which is not to say that it’s slog-free.

He was raised Catholic, and is of English and mostly Italian His novels have also been translated into a number of languages, including English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish and Japanese. His father was Danish, billioh mother Jan 12, Michael Bohli rated it really liked dollqr Shelves: Like, take this review. This book has opened my eyes to a few things and has surprised me in many ways and much of that surprise translates into the real world.

Sometimes less is more.