Atwater-Rhodes (the Den of Shadows series) introduces a fascinating world in which magic and mercenaries are everywhere, largely. AMELIA ATWATER-RHODES wrote her first novel, In the Forests of the Night, when she was thirteen. Other books in the Den of Shadows series are Demon in . Poison Tree is a novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and the eighth book in her Den of Shadows series. It is her thirteenth novel overall. Released on July.

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Maybe another new book soon? While I know it was done on purpose, it still drives me crazy. It atwater-rhodrs to be said, though, that Rhodes’ ability to create relatable characters is astounding. Feb 25, Dlora rated it liked it Shelves: Weaving in the other characters: I got one more to finish in this world series, then I will attempt to finish her other series that I stopped reading when some years ago and then I plan to start her new series.

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My head is all over the place and I desperately want more! When an attack occurs at SingleEarth, both women must face the past they left and rediscover who can be really trusted. I can also say that I love it when I find an author I didn’t know about and am suddenly in love with their work and find out there are all kinds of books out there they have written I spent a good portion of the book confused about people’s connections and abilities.

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On a stormy night, amslia bolts are shot by someone who knows their way around a crossbow. With every book she surprises me with the intricate details of her world. What can I say??

Despite what the synopsis suggests, there isn’t much interaction between the two female main characters in this book; they don’t interact for much of the middle and the end, and the book mostly focuses on their relationships with the men in their lives.


Why doesn’t anyone recognize each other?


I definitely suggest people to go and re-read her previous books to refresh their minds of her world before reading this to readjust to the fast paced storyline. There are lots of characters some of which appear in her other books and their relationships are sometimes difficult to discern sometimes it seemed like walking in the middle of a moviebut the book is incredibly readable and interesting. I got a bit frustrated during the middle stages because there was way too much happenning and way too many characters being thrown into the story without explanation, but by the end it all made sense.

The book starts off with a prologue that introduces our main characters all at once – then they are separated for half the book until reuniting and not always recognizing one another.

She has become a mediator at the Haven 4 location run by SingleEarth, giving aid to those caught between two worlds. But I was on a role getting this series nearly finished!

These are only a few of the major characters in this entangled maze of people, paranormal creatures, relationships and organizations. And yet its not like a retelling of the same thing over and over. Aug 30, Marcey rated it liked it.

There should be some kind of guide to characters, hunter, shifter and such so I can keep up with the story. They are both seeking refuge in SingleEarth, which brings witches, shape-shifters, vampires into a safe environment that helps them co-exist with humans. I hope everyone that gives Amelia’s books a try enjoys them every bit as much as I am! There was a problem adding your email address. I think some of the extraneous details could have been left out though, because there is really This is the most complicated and convoluted plotline that the author has ever written as she whines about briefly in her dedicationbut I think she manages to pull it off without muddling anything up.

I can’t help but think that if anyone stumbled upon this book without reading the others first, they would be completely confused and may miss out on a truly wonderful story. That being said, I had some problems. I think some of the extraneous details could have been left out though, because there is really way too much material being crammed into the odd pages in this book.


The author made one continuity error that left something bugging at my subconscious until I went back ane reread to check that things could not have happened exactly they way the narrative claimed. For other topics, see Poison Tree disambiguation. Dec 30, Haley rated it liked it. Jan 02, Jaimie rated it really liked it.

Poison Tree

Sep 21, Lauren Homer rated it really liked it. Things get pretty complicated in this story, their are hidden relationships between all four characters, especially Sarik, who is not exactly who she claims to be.

I found the emphasize on the brutality of the Mistari interesting, especially as they attwater-rhodes the mediating clan for the Serpiente and Avian war, being the “neutral territory.

atwater-ehodes I think this may be the last book in this series but then I have the other series she wrote to start on after promises to keep: Return to Book Page. Apr 06, Lovey Dovey Books rated it really liked it. I knew Sarik had a boyfriend, but I could never figure out if Alysia had a romantic partner or not. On so many levels, no. Will becoming a member of SingleEarth allow her to finally put her past behind her?

Be the first to discover new talent! In the end only some of these questions were answered and I was atwatter-rhodes still confused at what happened.

Poison Tree (Atwater-Rhodes novel) – Wikipedia

Sarik and Atwater-rhoces are not exactly the best of friends. I kept reading because I kept hoping that I would soon find someone I liked, a new found character friend. Set in a quick pace, readers will fly through its intrigue and violence, and come to a question-raising ending.