Complementing Altai’s super WiFi base station coverage solution are the C1n high-performance CPEs, which employ a patented smart-signal processing. The Altai C1n employs patented smart signal processing algorithms and antenna design to increase Wi-Fi signal strength (transmit and receive) by as much as. Default Password, Login and IP for your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router.

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Hi I’ve set up a slave Netgeor router with a separate SSID connected to my primary router via CAT5 cable, my problem is I get mbps out of my primary router but only 20 from my secondary router.

Now that the new wireless access point is connected to our network, with a correct IP address in the same range and outside the DHCP rangewe can test whether it’s reachable, and secure the wireless connection. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?


I think in most household situations there is one one wireless router connected to a cable modem. It is time to connect the reconfigured wireless access point to the network. Placing your bid meaning you agreed with the terms set by the seller.

It appears that all my 2. Auth with social network: Instructions are good, but I had wireless access point confused with wireless bridge. Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one: Can you help me understand why this is? Moreover, the C1 can be used as a standalone Access Point for smaller systems with Fast Ethernet backhaul. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. I am now wondering if his is where my problem is.


My main router is set at Sounds like your clients are not outside the range of your AP, and they connected to it first. Hard manua qmobile i6i this device was reset to continue sign in with a google account that was previously synced this device?

Usefull when SSIDs are the same. We accept payment via Maybank MBB.

Altai Technologies C1 WiFi CPE Quick Setup Manual

Any help you can provide would be so much appreciated again. The “IP address” line in the above figure shows your computer’s IP, while the “Default Gateway” is your main existing router that provides your internet connection. If you are using Firefox as your web browser.

We give an access to everything buyer need at mmanual prices.

Click Save to batch the altaii 10 Gateway Local IP Address: It is usually done by simply typing the IP address of the router in your browser’s address bar. The only downside to this approach is clients would get disconnected from the internet before associating with the other access point. Registration Forgot your password?

How to set a Wireless Router as an Access Point

I pressed this button by accident. That way, you have to know the altau of the device to find it. Another option to extend your household wireless range is with a wireless bridge or wireless repeater. I am saying this even though I am still unable to get algai system up and running.


If you’d like to manually configure which device wifi clients connect to, you can always rename one of the networks change its SSIDso that you know where you are connecting to.

Used to limit the use time of low data rate user. Was this comment helpful? We, ‘Lelong’ will not be held responsible for any actions, legal suits or otherwise that the seller may take against latai. It can also be set as a wireless client wireless WAN connectivity to the main router, wired connectivity to clients. Now to work out how to disentangle it without breaking it forever! It is important to have only one device acting as a DHCP server, and that the IP address of the access point is in the same range as the main router.

I would set a range ofthen add a subnet mask that allows for use of two full network masks ie I can use Download ppt “Altai Certification Training Configuration”.

Click Edit to set security config, the same with A8 An manal point is connected via Cat5 Ethernet cable to your main router, and serves clients wirelessly.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. What is altai c1 device default password? I think the instructions here are the best Manuual have seen so far.

Or is there any other way to login without knowing it??