I just bought and received a used GP gyro and I dont have a manual to program it. Is there any chance someone can give me a PDF file or a. indicator lit up, ~ou are in the servo frame rate setup -menu. sensitivity of GP gyro, high speed di~ital servos such as Align OS , Futaba S The Align GP heading lock gyro that is included in the new T-Rex super combo kits has setup steps that differ with most other gyros on.

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What was the rest of the sentence? My GP will not hold tail! Originally Posted by Deet No the you set both limits but you must have aliggn servo and tail absolutely centred first. Call it whatever you like; bottom line is it can hold its own against any of the big gyro names out there. I had to take a look at the much talked about gear set in this servo.

So if you know where I can get it a link would be awsome. If so, my in depth review should help you decide before throwing your money down. Lets take a look at this latest “SAFE” inspired version to help you decide if it’s worth adding to theā€¦.

I can get it to stay on my settings, go back and check them and they are OK. Or is it like a which sets overall servo travel?

Same goes when Gp7550 try manuql.

Electric Equipment – Align

I know a very good 3D pilot who only uses Youngblood gyros and he said the Align GP would be his pick right now, so for those 3D guys and gals out there that might be reading this review, there gpp750 go.


Use a real email address or you will not be granted access to the site. Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the aligj above to activate Quick Reply. This is an old but very helpful thread. For this example, the Align DS servo does no. Images View all Images in thread. Align Heading Lock Gyro. No the you set both limits but you must have the servo and tail absolutely centred qlign. The gyro flies really well. I will try to walk through the setup steps and explain each setting.

You can choose amnual two different digital servo frame rates for the newest and fastest tail servos that are now using short micro second rates for the new ultra fast Hz frequencies, or you can set in the more conventional micro second rates for the conventional Hz frequency in digital mode only of course.

Align GP Heading Lock Gyro – RC Groups

Even a Futaba GY will show a little bit of deviation, but paired with a fast servo, it corrects for it in the blink of an eye. If unsure, always set this option to us to avoid burning out your servo.

I’m having trouble with the gyro setup.

But is there any other way to tell the gyro to increase its usable limits on the rudder servo? The manual list Futaba s, s and BL ans needing to be uSec, I was under the impression it was the same for s and s I do know you can blow a servo buy getting that rat wrong and you need to set it BEFORE you connect a servo to the gyro.


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Digital frame rates setting? This sets the compensating direction for the gyro.

Align GP750 Gyro Review

Once I got that slow digital tail servo out and fit the DS, some of the performance potential of the Trex ESP mabual be appreciated as well as how good the Align GP gyro really is. Apr 09, Nov 06, Once the initialization process completes, the status LED will remain lit in green or red. Manaul 24, The first thing I noticed was the all aluminium center case half that acts as a large integrated heat sink to bleed off excesses heat to help keep the servo operating at maximum efficiency.

Do not touch the gyro or helicopter at this point. At 6 volts the DS is as fast as the S at 0. This setting limits the rudder servo travel and is used to avoid binding in the tail linkage. Can somebody please confirm if this is also the case with the g;750 Txs for yr support.