Afterlight is the follow up to Alex Scarrow’s novel Last Light, in which a deliberately engineered crash in the global oil supply triggers the. But I did enjoy Alex Scarrow’s LAST LIGHT, which depicts the crumbling of civilisation due to a worldwide and near-complete loss of access to. Notable works, Last Light, TimeRiders. Partner, Debbie Chaffey. Children, Jacob Scarrow, his son. Relatives, Simon Scarrow. Website. Alex Scarrow (born 14 February ) is a British author most well-known for his young adult.

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Just to get it out of the way first, I’m bloody annoyed that nowhere on the cover scatrow this book does it mention it’s a sequel to “Last Light”, it just says; “from the author of Last Light”.

Sadly, none are forthcoming. One is explicitly described as a concentration camp.

May 15, Steve rated it it was aftfrlight. Scarrow recalls some of the main characters from the first novel — Jenny Sutherland and her two children — and introduces new people. Whereas the first book was a fast-paced thriller with knife-wielding hitmen, shadowy conspiracies and an effective countdown-to-armageddon, Afterlight has a more considered feel, albeit with a strong polemic tinge to it.

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Ok, I’ve bought this book when I was going to an outing to a bookstore,really! I had scarow very hard time finishing the book purely because I didn’t care in the least about what happened to the characters.


Review: AFTERLIGHT by Alex Scarrow | Reactions to Reading

May 26, Susannah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Which parts are good? The scarroe of dialogue gives the characters good individuality, although I’m not a huge fan of the multiple explanation marks the author uses in his dialogue.

Now, bleak is not a bad thing necessarily. Alex Scarrow born 14 February is a British author most well-known for his young adult science fiction series TimeRiders. The general idea of the fragility of those societies that were carving a foothold in the aoex wor Following on from Last Light, this follows the further adventures of the Sutherlands in post crash England. But I’ve only given it a moderate rating – mostly because it was so bleak!

Afterlight (Unabridged) by Alex Scarrow – Download Afterlight (Unabridged) in iTunes

Una digna sucesora del primer libro. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

He currently lives in Norwich with his son, Jacob and his partner, Debbie. Although nothing new in terms of premise and delivery, ‘Last Light’ was a compelling thriller that kept me reading until the end. That is the only way we can survive this. Despite using some of the same characters the heroes of the first book – I’m completely at a Overall, incredibly disappointing book.

Afterlight (Unabridged)

The breakdown of society is well told and fully believable and the main characters of Jenni and her daughter Leona are also well drawn, but some of afterlught minor characters are rather one dimensional.


That’s it, I’m killing your character! Based on a series of decaying offshore oil rigs – for safety – a few hundred people scadrow rebuilt a semblance of normality in this otherwise dead world.

Unfortunatley, the book is too slow to get started with the story split between the days of the crash which was fully explained during the first book and also the interactions of a community spent on an oil rig This is one of the characters early on I assumed would be dead quickly, purely because she was such a pointless character otherwise.

Human society has more or less entirely broken down and millions lie dead of starvation and disease. To ask other readers questions about Afterlightplease sign up.

Ultimately, this is a story of Them and Us which does at times seem stereotyped. Retrieved 26 November I enjoyed reading it, and the plot was sufficiently tense and interesting that I got o a point where I couldn’t put it down. I hate both of them like I hate everything most hateful in this whole world! Archived from the original on 10 November This book manages to stand alone although there are a few reference to the earlier work and having read it would probably be beneficial.