A father and his daughter’s brain tumor. I have finally recovered enough from Aleksandar Hemon’s essay “The Aquarium” —about losing his nine-month-old daughter to a brain. The Aquarium, by Aleksandar Hemon. I don’t generally write about a single short story but I just read this piece* in the New Yorker and was.

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ArticlesCriticismNonfiction Tags: By Kelsey Gerber You are commenting using your Facebook account. In “The Lives of a Flaneur,” which straddles Sarajevo and Chicago, the author urgently sets about familiarizing himself with his new hometown, where he moved in at the age of 28, living in Ukrainian Village before moving to Edgewater.

Seemingly out of nowhere, my brother fell ill. But the summer fiction issue of the New Yorker is probably worth buying at the newsstand tbe.

‘The Aquarium’ by Aleksandar Hemon

This one though turned out to be alelsandar It is still an act of extreme bravery. He was critically ill for perhaps a week. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hemon grazes this crucial issue, but he never plunges into it. Subscribe to this thread:. Skip to content This is a true story and it is devastating. Switch to the mobile version of this page.

Bereft of a child, he considers life scarcely worth living—except for those moments when he sees the daughter who remains continue to experience the joy of a fertile imagination and infinite aleksaandar of new words. I remember wondering if my brother might die, whilst not really having a clue what that actually meant.

Aleksandar Hemon writes the story of his lives

Seuss’ The Grinch Fantastic Beasts: Not long after that he was boasting about the monster injections lumbar punctures he had been given. This is not a coincidence, nor does it derive solely from the dynamics of the immediate political conflict. Literary Darwinism, as Jonathan Kramnick notes in an excellent essay from the winter issue of Critical Inquiry, gets a lot of ink because of what it says about the degree of anxiety in present literary scholarship.


Only the death of an infant child, told from the perspective of a parent who feels at once compelled to write about the experience and yet to write in an adopted language. In “The Kauders Case,” he mentions that “Belgrade in the nineties was fertile ground for the most virulent fascism,” neglecting to explain why.

Aleksandar Hemon writes the story of his lives | Book Review | Chicago Reader

I have also comprehended at the last checkup, that we have stepped out of the memory, for now. He confronts the reality of disease, grief, and the forced change and new normal that come with loss. I held out for years, and scoffed at people who said “oh I just read this piece in the New Yorker”, and then I aquarum caved and became one of those people. That may be the best thing they both have to offer their readers: Even those pieces devoted to the Yugoslav conflict are exasperating.

Hence, her imaginary brother had to be deployed to the sunny state, which allowed Ella to talk at length as if she knew California. What both Spohr and Hemon do best in taking their grief public is to serve others who have gone through any version of what they have. By continuing to te this website, you agree to their use.

By Deanna Isaacs Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Man: That in itself would seem like a fairly common trope, but what akeksandar it so memorable is that he describes this invisible friend as hemln symptom of an excess of language: Hemon in particular offers an articulate and brilliant analysis of what he went through as Isabel begins, goes through, and ends her disease.

The problem is not that he doesn’t have words to describe it: Take those stories in which ethno-religious hatred makes a fleeting appearance.

It also presented an odd coincidence, a glancing relationship to my own autobiography. Which brings me back to Hemon: Listening to Ella furiously and endlessly unfurl the Aldksandar tales, I understood that the need to tell stories was deeply embedded in our minds and inseparably entangled with the mechanisms that generate and absorb language.


The Book of My Lives – Wikipedia

She creates an imaginary brother, whom she grants the privilege of visiting California, but whom she also afflicts with a tumor that will vanish in two weeks—”California” and “tumor” having recently been added auqarium her lexicon. Serb nationalists in the s hadn’t lived—let alone suffered—through Ottoman Turkish rule, but they nevertheless considered themselves victims.

I must have had some notion of what was going on, because I handed over my favourite toy — a beagle glove puppet — with the firm instructions that it be given to my brother at the hospital. In their willful delusion, they conflated contemporary Bosnian Muslims and the Turks of yore. Quick Summary of Qualifications Click image to see a quick summary rhe qualifications.

By Meredith Boe The aquariumm pieces—plus five online-only exclusives—selected for this year’s issue.

When I was a little less than four years old, I was in a car on a motorway somewhere in the south of England, travelling with my family from our home in the Midlands to spend a weekend with friends.

Leave a comment Alekksandar in book review and tagged book review. Email required Address never made public. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Both make aquqrium reader a little uncomfortable, but just to the level necessary to make the reader pursue the story and want to understand, rather than cruelly judge, them. Historically, Maronites, Serbs, and Alawites were oppressed minorities.

I first encountered Aleksandar Hemon through his unnervingly brilliant first novel The Lazarus Projectwhich uses interlinked timelines as a means to coming to terms with identity in exile.