Origins Alexandr Gel’evich Dugin was born in Moscow, on January 7th, , from mother Galina Viktorovna Dugina (), PhD doctor, and father Gelij . Shanghai Dugin’s Lecture. Theory of Multipolar World 多极世界理论. China Institute, Fudan University 复旦大学 中国研究院. Multipolar approach (多极即) Theory. Aleksandr Dugin could use some help. Please research the article’s assertions. Whatever is credible should be sourced, and what is not should.

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Department of the Treasury Ukraine-related Designations”. Skip to main content.

Meet the most dangerous man in the world

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group. As a professor, I consider it so. This is also where some of his most useful observations are found—his discussion of potlatch, for example, the ethnic destruction of property to demonstrate power, can be very useful in understanding the tendency of certain demographics to riot as a means of demonstrating or celebrating power. He has criticized the “Euro-Atlantic” involvement in the Ukrainian presidential election as a scheme to create a ” cordon sanitaire ” around Russia, much like the French and British attempt post- World War I.

Subscribe to The New European today! He lectured for many years at the Russian Military Staff Academy, where his writings apparently remain a core part of the curriculum. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Retrieved from ” https: Keep me up to date on special promotions, products and services from Archant Community Media Limited. So there is hidden influence of Logos of Cybele in Serbian tradition as well.

Foundations of Geopolitics – Wikipedia

And as for Dugin, he can tell him who to shoot to death and who to imprison. No-deal Brexit ‘default position’ if no alternative works, says Leadsom. Index on Censorship in Russian But he is naive and understands nothing.


Machine translation like Deepl or Google Translate is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia. InDugin, Geydar Dzhemal, and Evgeniy Golovin created a study center based on their long time shared interests called the New University project.

July Click [show] for important translation instructions. Views Read View source View history. Most people in the civilized world well Ukraine gave Dugin a five-year entry ban, starting in June[32] and Kiev declared him a persona non grata in Dugin has reinterpreted these ideas in publications such as The War of the Continents and Alwksandar Foundations of Geopolitics to prophesise an inevitable conflict between the land power Russia-led Duginn and the sea power the US-led West.

The task of describing Turanian civilization in the recent volume of Noomakhia was inseparable from the fact that Turan is gone. Kill them, kill them, aleksancar them. Jensen 1 October The Wall Street Journal. This helps Putin to hold on to the power upon which his personal security and assets depend.

He is a devotee of the s pro-Nazi writings of German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, amongst other more unequivocally extremist thinkers of the inter-war era. Retrieved from ” https: A model attribution edit summary using German: Leadsom refuses to confirm date for ‘meaningful vote’ on Brexit deal.

Retrieved 31 August An Introduction to Neo-Eurasianism, Arktos p. The Eurasian Empire will be constructed “on the fundamental principle of the common enemy: Tories heading for opposition unless they change track on Brexit.

Dugin has also parted company with his Eurasianist predecessors by vastly expanding, with little attempt at justification, the area he believes should be subjected to Russian dominance. The Fourth Political Theory. Alejsandar Nation is the national State Etat-Nationit is not the people or an ethnic group.


Can you say something more about this? Dugin credits General Nikolai Klokotov of the Academy of the General Staff as co-author and main inspiration, [7] though Klokotov denies this. Community Saloon bar Digin do list What is going on?

That is why they are effective, ddugin work, they are listened to, they get away with anything because they have the world power standing behind them. The United States raised neo-Nazis Russophobes to the power for the purpose of this war. The main intermediary space is Middle East and above all Turkey. Several of Dugin’s books have been published by the publishing house Arktos, an English-language publisher for Traditionalist and New Right books, which specializes in aleksanvar by prominent fascists and neo-Nazis.

Can a leg be responsible for itself?

Neo-Eurasianismfourth political theorythe tellurocracy — thalassocracy distinction [2]. On 2 OctoberDugin described the situation in Donbass: Russia is attempting to integrate the post-Soviet space They exult in the use of underhand methods or military force to do so. In the early s Dugin’s work at the National Bolshevik Front included research into the roots of national movements and the activities of supporting esoteric groups in the first half of the 20th century.

Russia, he claims, is a unique civilisation based on hard-line Orthodox religiosity and a powerful, authoritarian state. While Dugin was already exploring fascism and questioning communism before the Eastern Bloc disintegrated, he nonetheless mourned the loss of Russian power. He must have another plan in mind. This page was last modified on 12 Novemberat Every alekeandar is what it is thanks to its borders.