User manual for the device Akai CDXL. Online user manual database. Audio manuals and audio service pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for Akai CDXL Stereo Receiver User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. USING THE SXL IN ‘OLD AKAI’ MODE! .. USING SELECT PROG – PROGRAMS WITH THE SAME NUMBER.

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Virtual Sounds Technology – Akai CDXL Service Manual CDXL CDXL

You may record audio whilstsequencing ordinary programs and samples allowing you to effectively overdub onto disk. This will set how much key position will affect both rate 2 and rate 4. The functions areaccessed by pressing the cd3000x, keys. You must first choose which type of modulation effect you want to use in theThe choices arefield.

On library disksdeveloped for the CDXL, you will see the assignments made by our soundprogrammers. If you have an S or oryou will be able to use CDXL sample and program data with no special software required although it is advisable to have the latest software version for best results. Page 66 This will only akaai the currently selected program. You may, amongst other things, trim, loop,join, merge, reverse, re-sample and timestretch recordings.

Page for example, gated on the bass drum, large hall on the snare, medium hall on the toms, small room on selected percussion, etc. Removing the disc from its caseAfter opening the CD-ROM case, depress the centre section of the case with the forefinger of onehand and use you other hand to lift the disc up by its edge.

Akai CDXL Manuals

Installing The Flashrom Now power up the sampler. However, if for the purposes of the guitar sound, you add distortion and C3d000xl and change the chorus to a flange setting, if there is another program in memory that uses that effect preset for example, a strings programit too will be affected.


If the sound is akau long enough, it will finish even though you are holding down a note. For example, it is possible to set a pan position within a program.

AKAI CD3000XL Operator’s Manual

The final selection in the modulation effects section is not an effect as such but bypasses the modulation section completely, thereby switching it out of the effect chain: The Mxnual parameters are: This is of particularuse in drums and percussion programs. The other fields are: It ismost likely that the CDXL will be at one end of the chain and so must be left terminated.

Youwill see something like this screen: The following prompt will appear: Manaul will receive this screen display: Here, the crossfade function has smoothed cd300xl whole thing out to create a more uniform amplitude.

This offers excellent soundquality with no deterioration of signal or increase in noise. When in any of the MONO modes of echo, the whole memory is used to create long delays. These are the pieces of raw digital audio that are always thebasis of any sound in the CDXL.

For a manuzl to load any edits you may have made top samples or programs, it isnecessary to save these to the floppy in the DISK mode. By filtering out aftertouch on a percussion program where it is not needed, for instance, you can improve the response of the CDXL when a lot of MIDI data is received.

Please contact your local Akai dealer regarding this option. This will discard audio before the start point and after the end point you haveset manually. A or BSI approved type. Naming A Multi When using the FIND function, it is not necessary to name the whole file. Page 78 – if you are not into programming you can largely forget about it and just use the defaults.

Of course, you cannot edit these sequence files but this function allows you to use the CDXL as a sequence data filer so that, if you are playing live and require backing tracks or whatever, you can do so without the inconvenience of taking your sequencer with you. If a wrist strap or any other such accessory is not supplied, try discharging any static by touching an earthed metal object before handling the boards.


Press this to switch betweensample points and millisecond displays. The distortion produced by digital circuitry is not as pleasant as that produced by the old synths unfortunately!!

Akai CD3000XL Stereo Receiver User Manual

Cdxl Cd3000dl Once you are happy with everything, the whole thing may be saved to disk for recall at a later date. Selecting Parameters And Entering Data To search for the file, press thesoft key which will display the file s.

Be very careful using this feature as deleted takes cannot be retrieved. Try it also with highly rhythmic keyboard parts.

The following explanations, therefore, refer to this method of operation should you wish to work in this way or if you have existing sound library that uses this method. You will note that this does not apply when inputting notes from the keyboard is on. Further Editing Functions Please check your digital connections.

Page You can check if there is a delay by playing the sample a few octaves down as this will exaggerate any delay that may exist.

Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge. Songs And Qlists The memory percentage indicator is also shown. You may setcompletely different values in both channels to create some wild echo and delay effects. Saving Data To The Flashrom This sets the second of the rotary speaker effect speeds.

You must then choose a name for the Jsample. Pressing this will display this screen: