A simplified design and optimization method of aerospike nozzle contour and the results of tests and numerical simulation of aerospike nozzles are presented. advantages of the aerospike nozzle is the ability to achieve thrust vectoring aerodynamically Figure 1 compares two aerospike-based nozzle designs to their. design strategy. Introduction. A multidisciplinary analytic model of a linear aerospike rocket nozzle has been developed; this model includes predictions.

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Ratio of the chamber pressure Pc to the atmospheric pressure Pa. It belongs to the class of altitude compensating nozzle engines. Due to unavailable thruster dimensions and conflicting dimensional and performance information provided by NASA and relevant technical papers this aerospike rocket engine analysis is an approximation. For the example presented in Figure 2 and Figure 3, where the exit Mach number is 2. Ratio of specific heats g: TorrezDerek J.

The annular aerospike rocket motor pictured above left is a design developed and rendered by Richard Caldwell Rocket Nut intended to producepounds of thrust at sea level.

As the vehicle travels upwards through the atmosphere, ambient air pressure is reduced. Showing of 23 references. The disadvantages of aerospikes seem to be extra weight for the spike, and increased cooling requirements to the extra heated area, the spike. In theory this requires an infinitely long spike for best efficiency, but by blowing a small amount of gas out of the center of a shorter truncated spike like base bleed in an artillery shellsomething similar can be achieved.


However, no such engine is in commercial production, although some large-scale aerospikes are in testing phases.

In the Aerospike Nozzle Data section added a display of Distance from dwsign of thruster to end of ramp. Ambient air aerospuke also imparts a small pressure against the exhaust, helping to keep it moving in the “right” direction as it exits the engine. These values are automatically passed to the Aerospike Nozzle analysis when the command button is clicked. Through demonstration flight and ground research, NASA’s X program was to have provide the information needed for industry representatives such as Lockheed Martin to decide whether to proceed with the development of a full-scale, commercial RLV program.

The ratio of specific heats has already been specified from the main screen selection. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. For comparison purposes all results are referenced to nozxle curved sonic line analysis for 2-D and 3-D axisymmetric nozzles.

The aerospike engine is a arrospike of rocket engine that maintains its aerodynamic efficiency across a wide range of altitudes. Views Read Edit View history. The outer boundary angle from the lip of the thruster cowl to the end of the external ramp increases as altitude increases.

Several versions of the design exist, differentiated by their shapes. Figure-8 aerospike engine side view. Time between X flights was planned to normally be seven days, but the program hoped to demonstrate a two-day turnaround between flights during the flight-test phase of the program. Added the ability to include base thrust for truncated aerospike nozzles.

Topics Discussed in This Paper.


Multidisciplinary Approach to Aerospike Nozzle Design

Aerospike nozzle total thrust is computed using the following equations knowing PR and percent truncation. SimpsonTimothy M.

Found by interation of Equation 1 and displayed in lower data region. Alexandrov Published A model of a linear aerospike rocket nozzle that consists of coupled aerodynamic and structural analyses has been developed. If the exhaust is allowed to escape in this form, only a small part of the flow will be moving in the correct direction and thus contribute to forward thrust.

Propellant Gases Available Inert Vesign.

Specify custom or user-defined gases by inserting Ratio of specific heats for exhaust g and Gas constant of exhaust Rgas in the Aerospike Nozzle Data awrospike. When placing this tag, consider associating this request with a WikiProject. Multidisciplinary design optimization Aerospike Database Computational fluid dynamics.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Aerospike Nozzle Design – Semantic Scholar

The X was to have been an unpiloted vehicle that took off vertically like a rocket and landed horizontally like an airplane. Click the UpDown command button to move a locator to one of seven points in the flow field. Since this exhaust begins traveling in the “wrong” direction i. However, the user can over-ride the inserted ratio of specific heats by simply inserting his own ratio of specific heats in the data entry box.