Types of Dampers and their Seismic Performance During an Earthquake. providing damping. So, they were entitled as Added Damping And Stiffness ( ADAS). Result shows shear force in some floors of frames including ADAS damper reduces in comparison to the frames just only with braces. By increasing number of. PARAMETRIC STUDY OF ADAS DAMPERS USING FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS Mehdi Eftekhari Lecturer of Civil Engineering Department, Islamic Azad.

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This damper can be used to damping small fluctuations and wind in tall structures. SHELL43 is well suited to model linear, warped, moderately-thick shell structures. PVD Damper It is another type of friction damper and due to ease to installation, is one of the most widely used damper in structures Warn, Due to the displacing limitation in the longitudinal direction of deck lack of collision of deck to backpacks during an earthquakethe amount of optimizing energy absorbance by LRB against the performance of its period increasing is the main issue in designing LRB elements designing.

Global Issues, Services and Indian Scenarios views. But protecting high-raise structures with different volition with long periods such as tall building is impossible due to conventional systems or it is not economic[8].

With a shear model about 0. Among the advantages of using dampers we can infer to high energy absorbance, easy to install and replace them as well as coordination to other structure members.

Current World Environment

Now, PVd is used as an effective damper on many bridges, towers, buildings. Frame force-displacement diagrams shown in Fig. Input energy caused by earthquake to structure is presented in the following equation: And by good connections, these dampers can be installed in concrete frames. In vertical service loads, steel adws prevent rubber lateral expansion.


TMD adaptive passive damper Click here to View figure. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. And reaction of passive control components in response is dependent to structure movement during earthquake.

Semi active control components dose not add mechanical additional energy to structure system which includes structural and stimulus controlso the stability of input and output connections are guaranteed. Using Pall friction damper in retrofit[12] Click here to View figure. For bridges designing because of the movement limitation, the effect of increasing alternative period is low in the most projects, but the damping effect in bridges is higher than construction projects.

Article Publishing History Received: And they have been used as the best dampers extensively in last 30 years. And with plastic deformation, the kinetic energy is wasted as heat. And finally, it creates high damping for structure. These lead characteristics lead to this issue the lead-rubber seismic isolators have a high horizontal stiffness against service loads and high energy waste against string seismic loads.

And they use HDRB only for tanks. Elasticity, creep, and plasticity models are supported in this model [11].

Types of Dampers and their Seismic Performance During an Earthquake

ADAS Stiffness formulation [9] The stiffness matrix of an elastic nonprismatic element, such as the plates that compose the ADAS device, can be defined using the flexibility method. During an earthquake, high energy is applied to the structure. This feature can use to modeling session response which include linear viscous elements and elements of rubber-plastic elastic-inelastic elements.


Types of Dampers Dampers are classified based on their performance of friction, metal flowingviscous, viscoelastic; shape memory alloys SMA and mass dampers. In the same way or by providing same features for dwmper, structure can damped vibrations at the time of earthquake.

The vulcanized methods, pasting and construction of isolators are nor changed and is the same as before. Acknowledgement The Author would like to gratefully acknowledge the Islamic Azad University, Rasht Branch for supporting this research. Pall Friction Damper Another type of friction damper is Pall friction damper. This isolators plates one of the rubber and steel.

The width of the device is slightly underestimated near the fixed ends and at midspan. And they act as a big pendulum, a big steel core that is moved slowly in aeas and rear of each movement of building.

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Passive control system does not need t0 a power supply to provide external power. ADAS elements, as a metallic damper, can be designed to be installed in both new and existing buildings.

These dampers increase energy wdas capacity and stiffness of structures.

And isolator buckling stability is controlled against these forces. And for all conditions, required loads are not optimized. And they provide controlling the structure movement in two vertical structures.