Abridged ACRA Scale of Learning Strategies for University Students. – – Electronic Escalas de Estrategias de Aprendizaje [ACRA. Learning Strategy. Pereira S, Ramirez J. Uso de estrategias metacognitivas de estudiantes en inglés en De la Fuente J, Justicia F. Escala de estrategias de aprendizaje ACRA. Evaluación de estrategias de aprendizaje mediante la escala ACRA abreviada para estudiantes universitarios. Palabras clave: Estrategias de.

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Procedure The research data were collected using questionnaires, and the confidentiality and anonymity of the participants was guaranteed. The sample consisted of 1, estrategkas from public and private universities of different Brazilian cities, 76 5.

Taller 2: Escalas de Estrategias de Aprendizaje (ACRAS) by Kathy iiiii on Prezi

Primarily, this version of the scale was used in the study of Santos et al. Thus, the initially constructed scale with 49 cara was replaced by a item scale after the principal components analysis. Estratwgias repair has a greater average with respect to other dimensions of the PEI, and cognitive and learning control strategies has the highest mean value in LS dimensions.

This type of distinction is not made for the metacognitive and resource management strategies. Comprehension monitoring strategies involve the constant awareness regarding how much of the content is assimilated and of immediate actions to overcome difficulties.

Differences related to the terminology have had an impact on the comprehension of the construct itself and, in a certain way, reflect the esteategias in its measurement, as stated by Boruchovitch and Santos Table 3 Descriptive statistics by gender.

The ability model of emotional intelligence: Open in a separate window.



It is also necessary to perform studies directed toward the evaluation of the temporal stability of the scale, and its relationship with important variables related to learning, such as measures of performance, self-efficacy, anxiety, and motivation, among others, so that evidence of other types of validity concurrent, predictive, convergent and discriminant can be estimated. Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso.

The dimension of Cognitive and control learning strategies includes 25 items that refer to selection, organization, highlighting, awareness of the functionality of the strategies, elaboration strategies, planning and control of the answer during evaluation, repetition, and re-reading i.

In the first stage we used a stratified probabilistic sampling method according to the different knowledge areas Arts and Humanities, Science, Health Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences, and Architecture. Certainly, these correlational studies are promising, not only for a better understanding of other forms of validity of the EEA-U, but also to elucidate the relationships between learning strategies and these constructs which are highly relevant to the teaching-learning process.


Specialists have embraced the challenge of identifying factors that promote quality of learning. Issues in assessment, instruction and evaluation pp.

Accordingly, this article aims to both describe the steps of constructing the Learning Strategies Scale of Santos and Boruchovitchand present the results of recent psychometric studies obtained with this instrument. Support Center Support Center. The maximum number of points that can be obtained on the scale iswith the minimum being The total variance explained was However, some studies concerning the relationship between PEI and LS with Spanish speaking participants have found a more complex pattern of results.


Method Participants The sample consisted of 1, students from public and private universities of different Brazilian cities, 76 5. Create questions about the subject you are studying and try to answer them.

Emotional intelligence and academic success: Male participants with high scores on learning support aprenndizaje are positively related to high attention, clarity, and emotional repair. Our procedure selects the lineal combination of the dimensions of the PEI that maximizes the dispersion of the values of different LS.

American Educational Research Journal, 23 4 Projected space Axis 1 Axis 2 Females Cognitive and learning control strategies Use other texts and books on the subject. The evaluation of the judges also contributed to the revision of some items that had ambiguous wording. It was possible to name them as: Therefore, it was estratehias to maintain the three factors, especially considering the theoretical coherence of the items and the sedimentation graph obtained from the analysis performed.

Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense apreneizaje Over the last few years, university education has been ezcala important changes that affect both students and lecturers. Our results are partially consistent with the findings of this study. With excellent psychometric qualities, the EEA-U was sensitive enough to assemble and map the key attributes indicated in the literature as characteristic of learning strategies, with a considerably smaller number of items almost halfwhen compared to other existing instruments.

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