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Change the batteries immediately to ensure that the device functions properly. Verwenden Sie nur Original-Ersatzteile anleigung Herstellers. Before you can start using the belt, you will have to apply the enclosed gel to the black silicone electrodes. Large stimulation pad Not illustrated: Sportastisch extreme ab roller bauchtrainer bauchtrainer.

Abmaxx pro anleitung pdf

Vorbereitung zur Benutzung des kleinen Stimulationskissens 1. The instructions are to accompany the device if it is passed on to others.

We recommend limiting use to no more than 3 workouts per day with at least a 4-hour break between workouts. Remplacez abmxax toutes les piles. Beginners should stimulate each muscle group for no more than 10 minutes per day!

N’utilisez pas l’appareil directement sur le coeur ou la poitrine. The device may not be used on or by infants and sleeping or unconscious persons. Turn on and increase intensity. Do not use any softeners, alcohol or sprays pto aerosols to clean the article. You can use the large stimulation pad when working out your abdomen, back, shoulders, and buttocks.


Risk of suffocation and other dangers! Die Batterien sind nicht korrekt eingelegt. If you shift the stimulation pads during use, you will notice that muscle contractions increase or decrease. The batteries are too weak. Replace or clean the pdo electrode or stimulation pad. Clean the silicone electrodes with a damp cloth and then immediately wipe them dry with a dry cloth.

Secure the microprocessor on the small stimulation pad using the snap fasteners. Stimulation constante avec de longues contractions musculaires.

AB Maxx Pro II Manuals

Die Programmanzeigeleuchten leuchten, aber blinken nicht. Wechselnde Routine mit vielen schnellen Impulsen. Place the belt with the small stimulation pad on your upper arm to firm up the tissue and stimulate your biceps or triceps. Ensure that there is no risk of the device falling in water.

Dispose of it at a recycling centre for old electric and electronic appliances. The battery light turns off. Stimulation mit schnellen und langsamen Elementen. Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen seitlich, vorn, hinten oder auf der Innenseite des Oberschenkels, um die jeweiligen Muskelgruppen zu stimulieren.


Suche: Beurer VC 14 online |

Before you can start using the belt, you will have to apply the enclosed gel to the silicone electrodes on the back of the stimulation pad.

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Danger Associated with Batteries Before inserting the batteries, check whether the contacts in the device and anleituhg the battery are clean and if necessary, clean them.