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Configuring Voice Mail If you forward to your Voice Mail, a user can leave you a voice message.

Aastra 5380ip Manuals

Answer Press the Answer Foxkey. You know that your team partner is not at his desk at present and therefore decide to answer the call. Page Configuring Keys Functions For Special Situations Using The Foxkey Using Functions While In A Call Supplementary features Using functions while in a call This section explains the different options provided by your phone while you are in a call. The functions of the Aastra products have been tested and approved after comprehensive con- formity tests.


Another user is urgently trying to reach you. Insufficient display contrast The setting for the display contrast is inadequate. If you do not want to be disturbed during a certain time, you can set your phone not to ring with Ring off.


Dialling and phoning Using your phone in hands-free mode You want other people to join the conversation or to have your hands free while mak- ing the call.

Aastra ip Business Telephone Systems – Incom, UK

You have a choice of 5 presence profiles for controlling your presence status. Page Installation and first-time operation 3. If, for example, level 3 of the Aastra M expansion key module is activated and the Line key on level 1 receives a call, the call is signalled by the red blinking LED in position 1.

Announcement to a team partner press twice. Supplementary features You can activate a call routing for all terminals.

If preconfigured as a line key: The subscriber hears the busy tone and obtains a text message on his display. Dialling and phoning Dialling with redial You want to call a person you have already called. Each Line key has its own phone number; in other words when you make a phone call you transfer the phone number belonging to the active Line key. Organising Absences From The Desk Write-on labels on Aastra M expansion key module optional Write-on labels for the configurable keys can be found on the internet at www.

Supplementary features Iip functions while in a call This section explains the different options provided by your phone while jp are in a call.


Calls for you are to be forwarded to a different destina- tion e. You can use the global greeting or your own greeting see Chapter “Configuring Voice Mail”, page Press the correction key.

Information On The Il Console Users have the option of extending the Aastra ip with up to three additional keypads each with 20 keys or with LCD display-based expansion keypads, each with 15 keys. This manual also for: Parking the call and 580 lines: To find out how to make phone calls with the headset, refer to the Chapter “Using a A Line key uses all 3 levels for information display: Automatic hands-free mode You want to answer a call without picking up the handset or pressing a key.

The aastda message will appear on the person’s display. Answering A Call Once your system administrator has configured the first Line key on your Aastra M your phone acts as an operator console. Want advice on the right solution for your business?

Supplementary features Send text messages You want to send a written message to an internal user.