A rising star of pop science investigates whether virgin birth might be possible in the In Like a Virgin, biologist and science writer Aarathi Prasad examines. What if you could have children without sex? It might sound like the plot of a dystopian novel, but biologist Aarathi Prasad thinks it’ll soon be. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Think of her as the female equivalent of Brian Cox making science Like a Virgin: How Science Is Redesigning the Rules of Sex – Kindle edition by Aarathi Prasad. Download it once and read it on your Kindle.

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It’s this vanity of humans to think of themselves as special, as being at the height of evolution.

Rally rated it really liked it Mar 19, Lkie comments… Trouble loading? Artificial wombs—already in use for sharks and projected to be available for humans within a century—could give hope to women who are born without a uterus, have had a hysterectomy or undergone early menopause.

Your subscription has been updated! As for the process of impregnation, the belief that any descriptions of the interaction of the sexual organs were pornographic kept the focus on the text “Aristotle’s Masterpiece,’ long after empirical evidence demonstrated its errors.

Prasad then transports us to the maverick laboratories that today are inventing the equivalent of ‘nonsexual selection’, from other to daughter womb transplants to egg fertilizing computer chips, from sperm replacements for women to silicone wombs for men. I’m by no means a professional in this field, but it is an interest area for me.

I learned a lot of things from the book which is viryin what I look for in books such as this; the gleaning of more useless knowledge. The parsad until that time was that the sperm implanted a fully formed embryo into the womb, the function of which was to provide a safe haven for its growth. Mar 22, Kirsten Benites rated it really liked it. Her book takes a broad, historical look at the notion of reproduction without sex, moving from ancient stories of virgin birth to a 16th-century experiment involving semen being placed in a glass tube and buried in horse manure, in the hope it might grow into a small, transparent homunculus.

Preview — Like a Virgin by Aarathi Prasad. The explanation proposed is that solo parents will ultimately want the sole pun intended source of genetic material.


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The title is enticing and so are the first pages. An eye-opening book which left me wondering As a psychologist I’d want to see many questions raised, explored, and studied.

At the same time inability to conceive or produce a male heir the story of Henry VIII and his 6 wives comes to mind had been aaraghi blamed on women. Show 25 25 50 All. And Prasad explains how the latest developments in fields like cloning, stem cell research and embryonic technologies are opening the door for humans to do the same. Prasad recognises that many people find these ideas and technologies enormously problematic, but takes a scientist’s view.

Open Preview See a Problem? Despite my initial misgivings, I did take on board much of what was expounded and it certainly made me think about things in rather a aarathk way. It opens ones eyes to the sheer width of evolutionary solutions which have developed.

It’s funny when people say something is natural, or not. Born in London to a Trinidadian father and an Indian liks, Prasad, like most scientists, showed an insatiable curiosity from a young age, but her interests went beyond science to include languages, history and even politics.

It disintegrates into a patchwork description of various laboratories research currently in progress and other topics loosely connected to human reproduction in the 21rst century. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And there are situations where it’s not healthy, and babies would be better off outside. Of all the current reproductive possibilities, it is this potential advance that could be most revolutionary — and perhaps the most troubling too.

How Science is Redesigning the Rules of Sex. Very interesting, my only concern reading this in May is llke the information might by now be slightly outdated or viirgin least not fully updated. The risks to the mother are real.

Most cultures tell the tale of a maiden who gives birth untouched by a man. Prasad lives in London. Overall a good read and recommended, but there seemed to be a fair bit of repetition and some strategic editing correction would have further improved the work. Share your thoughts with other customers. Y chromosomes are, many fear, on their way out, as they have only 80 genes to the or more of the X and since they have prasa partner with an X chromosome when an embryo is created, they cannot exchange genetic information to “update” themselves, being limited to reshuffling the genes internally.


Parasitic wasps and the bacteria that ride them, the virus DNA that made mammals See our Returns Policy. Unfortunately, this book was mainly a recounting of the misconceptions of the past several centuries, peppered here and there with interesting tidbits aarati current research with NO citations or footnotesand tons of the author’s own biased speculations about what the future holds.

Soon, humans will have that option, too. Although it’s informative, it’s very hard for the average person to understand. Amongst the animals the most interesting reproductive system design prize goes to hyenas: Start reading Like a Virgin: Customers who bought this item also bought.

Fortunately, when facts do break through and evidence is accepted, it leads to additional – in this case fascinating – discoveries. Reproduction Sex Pregnancy Biology Parents and parenting features. In fact, she says, it could be good because it would be impossible to get pregnant like this accidentally “and, secondly, the womb can be a bad place for babies.

I’ve given only a sample here of what I understood him to say in this book. As for the content, it was somewhere aroundwith the discovery of human eggs, that old beliefs about the father’s contribution were abandoned – and then only with difficulty. There he reports on research that may in the future make it possible for men to carry the fetus or for development completely outside the body.

Her subject is technologies that would take intercourse out of the reproductive equation, advances that could challenge everything we know about family and the relationship between men and women. I confess I would not pass a test on its contents.

Like a Virgin: How Science is Redesigning the Rules of Sex: Aarathi Prasad: Oneworld

Then the book made me squirm with its descriptions of ovarian teratomas and vesico-vaginal fistulas believe me you do not want to know. A news site you’ll actually love. But the book is most extraordinary when it considers the future of reproduction without sex.