“Abraham Lincoln” is the biography of Lincoln by British author, scholar and Review of “Abraham Lincoln” by Lord Charnwood of this book than in any complete book I can remember over the past several months. Author: Lord Charnwood. Release Date: May 11, [EBook .. the whole of Abraham Lincoln’s kindred are now out of the story. They. This book about Abraham Lincoln, the famous American president. By reading this book you can Abraham Lincoln: A Complete Biography: Lord Charnwood.

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This century-old biography of Abraham Lincoln is engaging and well-worth reading. First Edition Thus, 2nd Printing.

Charnwood’s Lincoln: Biography as Civics Lesson

The author painted Lincoln as a bad man, not a good one. I have often inquired of myself what great principle or idea it was that kept the Confederacy so long together. Foxing to prelims up to preface. His biography is a sympathetic reading of Lincoln and his times, not only in its admiration for his subject but also in its depiction of the key actors and events that shaped American history. Burgundy cloth with black spine lettering, pictorial dust jacket. Garden City Publishing CompanyInc.

On the contrary, he makes it the driving theme of his biography: At the risk of prejudicing his own retelling of the Lincoln story, Charnwood acknowledges his bias at the outset: First, we consider his judgment that Lincoln’s oratorical skill was due mostly to his “personality” or character what the Greeks called ethos and not his arguments or reason logos.

I look forward to studying Lincoln’s speeches and life over again.

What more could one ask of a political thinker of the highest rank? Asmit Malik rated it did not like it Dec 26, This latter is my own view.

Charnwood paid additional tribute to Lincoln’s public and private character in the Anglo-French Review essay, written a few short years after the publication of his great biography, with this excerpt a testimony of his sure grasp of the moral and political grandeur of Abraham Lincoln: Lincoln could not abfaham at American slavery where it then existed without violating the “consent” mechanism—the U.


Nevertheless, we note that even Charnwood nods, for the closing paragraph of his biography seems to downplay Lincoln’s statecraft. Those who have not read it recently should read it again. I recommend the paperback edition; there are abrqham editions now. Only then could one understand Lincoln as Lincoln understood himself. Aug 28, Mohd Ashraf rated it it was amazing.

Abraham Lincoln by Charnwood, Lord

In addition, there is little focus on his family life, his key political relationships or his close friendships. A slight free flowing language would have made the reading better. I admit to being skeptical before I read it, but I added this book to my list in the middle of my Lincoln journey on the strength of several readers who strongly recommended it as an abrzham if nothing else and a couple of the authors of bios already on my list referred favorably to it in their books.

In short, those who seek earnestly for the unvarnished Lincoln also will find consistent arguments in defense of the equal rights to liberty that kept alive his greatest hope for the American nation.

Review of “Abraham Lincoln” by Lord Charnwood

But if in comparison with the acknowledged bigraphy of our prose we rank many passages in these speeches very high—and in fact the men who have appreciated them most highly have been fastidious scholars—we shall not yet have measured Lincoln’s effort and performance. A Complete Biography Lord Charnwood Books by Godfrey Rathbone Benson Charnwood.

In short, “He had been able to free the slaves, partly because he would not hasten to this object at the sacrifice of what he thought a larger purpose. By the same token, the same equality principle that justifies government by the consent of the governed mandates that government exists to secure the equal rights of the governed, thus indicating the end abrayam which consent ought to be directed. From the grinding poverty of his boyhood in the backwoods of Kentucky and Indiana and his early struggles as a prairie lawyer, the author charts Lincoln’s elevation to the Illinois legislature, Congress, and the presidency, culminating in his role as commander in chief during the bloodiest struggles in American history.


Volume 27Issue 2Summerpp. The value of the book is the author’s lincln character pictures of the many historical personages of the time.

Charnwood’s Lincoln: Biography as Civics Lesson

They reasonably believed, though wrongly, that the natural tendency of opinion throughout the now freed Colonies with principles of freedom in the air would work steadily towards emancipation. Very apt that I finished this biography on the date of Lincoln’s death. About Godfrey Rathbone Benson Charnwood.

Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside.

Abraham Lincoln, at this crisis of his life, did, in pursuance of his peculiarly cherished principle, forge at least a link in the chain of events which actually precipitated the war. This discussion shows how well Charnwood did his homework, for he explains Lincoln’s thinking by using Lincoln’s words as much as possible, a study of statesmanship that has as much to do with the logic, eloquence, and precision with which Lincoln spoke as with Charnwood’s desire to get it right.

Your purchase also supports biogrphy charities. Lower Beverley Better Books Published: Of Trumbull, who affirmed Lincoln’s honesty and kindness but stated that “Lincoln was a follower and not a leader in public affairs,” Charnwood acknowledges, “we have to read his privately expressed opinion of Lincoln with respect.

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