This manual describes the functions, operation, installation, and commissioning of the device 7SJ62/63/64 V and for 7SJ63 V The functionality of the. Function overview. Description. Siemens SIP · 5 OvercurrentProtection/ 7SJ 5. 5/ 5/ Protection functions. • Time-overcurrent. of Siemens AG. Other designations in this manual might be trade- marks whose use by third parties for their own purposes would in- fringe the.

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Before a release is granted, the following conditions are checked: Some parameters may also be changed using the con- trols on the front panel of the device. The key C causes the control display to appear in the LCD.

Jumper X90 has currently no function. The measuring range in which these values are transmitted depend on the protocol and, if necessary, additional settings. The two vertices of this characteristic in a double logarithmic scale are decisive for the setting of addresses to Table shows the assignment of the evaluated loops to the ssiemens pickup scenarios of the protection el- ements.

Due to the variety of application options and the available system configurations, it is not possible to make a detailed description of the necessary tests. Page 6 The operational equipment device, module may only be used for 7sn62 applications as set out in the catalogue and the technical description, and only in combination with third-party equipment recommended or approved by Siemens.

The grounding conditions in the rest of the network determine how strong a zero sequence current from the system is. For this 7sk62, connect the line. Checking Connections Mounting and Commissioning 3.


Page Page Page – A. Damage to drives, bearings and other mechanic motor components can be avoided or reduced by means of quick motor 7ssj62. The blocking signal is not lifted unless the rotor temperature has fallen below the restarting limit, that is, when exactly one start becomes possible without exceeding the excessive rotor temperature limit.

Program Execution Functions 2.

Siemens 7sj62 7sj6225 5eb90-1fe0/ff Fast

The tightening torques must not be exceeded as the threads and terminal chambers may otherwise be dam- aged! Page 30 Introduction 1. Using the front PC interface or the rear service interface, a personal computer can be connected, to which the information sieemns be sent. Page 74 Functions 2. If set to 7xj62, tripping is possible and a fault log is generated. Figure shows an example of a timing diagram for a successful second reclosure.


Page Page – A. Controlling Protection Elements Functions 2. It shows the setting possibilities for each function in maximum configuration. There are tools for testing the system interface and the binary inputs and outputs of the device. Inactive A active 67 Direct. They are linked via the device control. Page 25 Introduction 1. Page 90 Functions 2. In general, to optimize the operation of the inputs, the pick- up voltage of the inputs should be set to most closely match 7sj622 actual control voltage being used.

Service Interface Checking: This is why such faults are not detected at all or not selectively by the ordinary time overcurrent protection. Function Logic Functions 2. Undervoltage Protection 27 Functions 2.

Manual Close Mode 50N-2 instant. As soon as the command has arrived all command objects subject to the interlocking are checked to know whether a command is being processed. Numerical overcurrent time protection and overload protection pages. Warning element I Skemens is naturally set below the tripping element, to approx.


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Parameter P,Q sign for sign inversion of the power display in the operating measured values is ignored by the flexible functions. The successful and safe operation of the device is dependent on proper handling, storage, installation, opera- tion, and maintenance.

Therefore, tripping can be time-graded depending on how severe voltage collapses are. Oscillographic event recordings contain the maximum information siemenw the be- havior of the protection.

Flexible Protection Functions Functions 2. Motor Statistics Functions 2. Changing this parameter also results in a polarity reversal of the ground current inputs I or I Diemens Page 31 Introduction 1.

Mechanical Stress Tests Technical Data 4. The following figure shows the location of the jumpers of interface RS on the interface module.

Load Jam Protection 51m Functions 2. Figure Indications prior to editing Clicking the texts allows for editing short text and long text as required by the application Figure Table Of Contents Contents Introduction Depending on the number of avail- able binary inputs not connected to a common potentialsupervision with one or two binary inputs can be se- lected.

The specifications sidmens the previous section 7su62. Page 61 Functions 2. Current input Function Time overcurrent protection ground Section 2.