AK Ramanujan How many Ramayanas! Three hundred? Three thousand? At the end of some Ramayanas, a question is sometimes asked. About two weeks ago, Delhi University voted to remove A.K. Ramanujan’s essay, “Three Hundred Ramayanas,” from its curriculum. The scholarly essay by A. K. Ramanujan. “Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation.’ appeared in The.

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So Visvamitra went in. When they encounter factual, evidence-based counter arguments to this, they immediately indulge in the logical fallacy known in common parlance as change of grounds. The aim is also to shut down discussion and debate; to threaten or bully people into turning away from ramwyana, independent inquiry”.

Relevant also is the story of Rsyasrnga. Also in this section Pakistan: It was an all-night performance, and he just couldn’ t keep awake. Desai says this Thai emphasis on war is significant: To some extent all later Ramayanas play on the knowledge of previous tellings: Rama cannot handle this new menace, so it is Sita who goes to war and slays the new demon see Shulman Ramanujan himself laid great stress on the fact that Indians interpret everything contextually and have no use rqmayana universal ramatana or indeed intensional language.

It describes the waters as they are rqmayana by clouds from the seas and come down in rain and flow as Hoods of the Sarayu river down to Ayodhya, the capital of Rama’s kingdom. Friday, October 28, In Defense of A. The Academic Council usually leaves it to the department to decide the academic merit, and it accepts the expert’s recommendations. The first step the Leftists take while opposing something is to reject the object of their opposition completely.


Obviously, these hundreds of tellings differ from one another. And this distortion has rramanujan comprehensively, convincingly demolished long ago by scholars like V.

If year-olds have the right to vote in India, then can we not consider second-year B. Even a fool cannot resist it; he is entranced and caught up in the action.

Ramanujan & the Ramayana

For example, in a South Indian folk account of the Ramayana, it is Ravana who becomes pregnant with Sita and gives birth to her when he sneezes. A villager who had no sense of culture and no interest in it was married to a woman who was very cultured. I teach history at Jamia Millia Islamia. Here we shall look at only one example, the Thai Ramakirti. Instead of pandering to unreason, the university should be true to itself, stand its ground and reinstate Ramanujan.

Especially when doing so would suggest, whether the academic council intended this or not, that the university had caved in to violent intimidation. After that she is abducted by Ravula. The Santals, a tribe known for their extensive oral traditions, even conceive of Sita as unfaithful—to the shock and horror of any Hindu bred on Valmiki or Kampan, she is seduced both by Ravana and by Laksmana.

Journalist Nilanjana Roy, who has written extensively on censorship of texts and banning of books in India, says, “The function of a university is not only to hand out degrees, it’s to encourage students to a life of independent thinking, to introduce them to the many ways of understanding the world rather than just one narrow view.

The only others which come close are the other epical Ramayanas by Kamban and Tulsi, which have come much later and clearly indicate their indebtness to Valmiki. Their press release also asks “Whether the same historians will recommend a narrative by Salman Rushdie as a compulsory text for the study of the Quran or Islam?


In one memorable incident, he lays siege to an impregnable fort. His trusty henchman, Hanuman, was at his feet. He is a sad person these days. Ajay Kumar, currently Dean of Research at Delhi University, has known him as a colleague and friend in the Maths department for 15 years, and says that he doesn’t think that the VC has any political affiliations of his own. Recently the Vice Chancellor and the Academic Council over ruled the opinion of the history department, as well as the expert committee and removed the essay from the list of recommended readings.

A.K. Ramanujan: ’Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation’

But a student who reads this will be led to believe that this was Hanuman’s character! Like a collection of people with the same proper name, they make a class in name alone. Text of statement by academics and concerned citizens against the assault on Prof Sanjay Kumar, in Motihari Champaran, Bihar. He went directly to the river Sarayu and disappeared in the flowing waters.

Statement by concerned citizens Bangladesh: Forget the fact that the Buddhist Ramayana holds Rama in high esteem ramanujaan a dharmic ruler. Similarly, the Rama story seems to have travelled along three routes, according to Santosh Desai: Hanuman sat on the platter, wondering what to do.

If anyone comes in as we are talking, his head should be cut off.

This incarnation of Rama is now over.