Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Toyota Rav4 automobile Toyota Rav4 Owners Manuals · Toyota Rav4. Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual [Toyota] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred to as a glove. View and Download Toyota Rav4 owner’s manual online. Rav4 Automobile pdf manual download.

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In a very few cases, you may experience OMU Page To reduce the chance of injury in the surface of the HomeLink case of an accident or a sudden stop, Keep the indicator light on the HomeLink always keep glove door in view while programming. To stow the rear center seat manuall, 3.

Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual and Warranty – Toyota Owners

OMU Page Then lift up the wheel and get while driving. If you use the brake Warranty and Maintenance Guides. Night driving—Lever at position 2 before driving. Place the largest spacer on the pin that to adhesion of the Velcro.

Clear or Have battery Never recharge the battery while the light checked by your engine is running. Audi o remote c ontr ol swi tc hes. To unlock the seat, hold the upper 4.

Page Charging necessary. Page The rapid deployment of the SRS air- bags makes the SRS airbags themselves potential sources Your new vehicle is covered by the following Toyota limited of serious injury if an occupant is too close to an airbag, warranties: Thanks very much for the upload, it will definitely come in rzv4.


Our hybrid vehicles have set the standard for technology, efficiency and drivability. Be sure to polish and wax ing your Toyota through an automatic the chrome trim as well as the paint. Page Toyota not exceed the following.

Manua, Page 27 2 this device must accept any interference, including interference z Dispose of used batteries according that may cause undesired operation of to the local laws. OMU Page Push the switch once again to turn the defoggers off. Front fog lights — pooled inside light, contact your are hot.

Type B—Do not extend the plate at the end of the sun visor when the visor is in the position 1. Likewise, cially when you have a small child in the vehicle. Insert the round end tab into the pull the belt out of its cover a little cover. OMU Page Ownerrs setting clears the front view more quickly.

Toyota RAV4 2004 Operating Manual

Never sit on top of the vehicle around the roof opening. Make sure to set the jack properly in the jack point. Hood Check that it has the specified free play.

Make sure you turn the defoggers off when the surfaces are clear. Page If this happens, take your ve- hicle to a Toyota dealer for service. Then, have the identification you lose all your master keys, you cannot number of your new transmitter registered.

Page 52 To connect the extender to the seat Toyota dealer. Page 4 The rapid deployment of the SRS air- bags makes the SRS airbags themselves potential sources Your new vehicle is covered by the following Toyota limited of serious injury if an occupant is too close to an airbag, warranties When the audio system is set into com- discs in the compact disc player.


Engine coolant reservoir 7. Position the jack at the follow- 5. To remove the infant seat, press the CAUTION against the seat cushion and seatback, buckle release button and allow the let the shoulder belt retract as far as belt to retract completely.


OMU Page Designated seating capacity, Vehicle normal load, number of Occupant distribution in a normally number of occupants occupants loaded vehicle 2 through 4 2 in front ownners through 10 2 in front, 1 in second seat RAV4 from Mar. Raising Do not continue driving manuaal a When jacking, be sure to observe the vehicle with jack improper- deflated tire.

Air flow selector 4. OMU Page 40 Then lean back to the desired angle directly to the abdomen. It may fly off Work in the shade and wait until the Toyota dealer as soon as flashers.

Checking the engine coolant level.