KX mL ( US gt). KX | mL ( US gt). Depending on the atmospheric temperature of your riding area, the transmission oil viscosity should . Kawasaki. KX KX Motorcycle Service Manual This quick reference guide will assist you in locating a desired topic or procedure. • Bend the pages back. KX specs Completely redesigned for , the KX has received a number of . Kawasaki Kx Service Manual Repair Kx

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Do not face the pinch head of the clamp to the air cleaner duct side. Give us the opportunity to serve you. Overall Width mm If the ring has worn down 2040 less than the service limit, replace the ring; if the groove width exceeds the service limit, replace the piston.

Kawasaki KX Service Manual pages. Service Repair manual for Service Manual.

Kawasaki KX KX Service Manual – How-To Motorcycle Repair

Repair lightly damaged gear teeth with an oilstone. Disassembly and Assembly Precautions All information contained in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. If there is any doubt as to the condition of a reed, replace the reed valve part with a new one.

Page — — — Tires Standard Tire: If any of them has been removed, replace it with a new one. Check and balance the wheel when a tire is replaced with a new one. If the fuel tap screen have any breaks or is deteriorated, it may allow dirt to reach the carburetor, causing poor run- ning. Front Brake Disc 6. If the damping feels too soft or too stiff, adjust it in accor- dance with the following table. Always stop the engine and do not smoke.


To facilitate actual operations, notes, illustra- tions, photographs, cautions, and detailed descriptions have been included in each chapter wherever necessary. Page of Go.

2004 Kawasaki KX125 (KX125-M2) OEM Parts

The gear must be replaced if the teeth are badly damaged. Page 5 All information contained in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Illustrations and photographs in this publication are intended for reference use only and may not depict actual model component parts.

Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the threads. Cover is dirty and worn. Torque – Brake Pad Bolt: Too hard Control Cable routing incorrect Front fork oil excessive Wiring routing incorrect Front fork oil viscosity too high Steering stem locknut too tight Front fork leg bent Bearing ball damaged Also, the throttle valve may not open fully at full throttle.

Kawasaki KX125 Service Manual

Fork Oil Level Gauge: All 28 pages are complete and free from tears or stains. Torque – Magneto Cover Bolts: Spark plug dirty, damaged, or maladjusted KIPS ports stuck closed Spark plug cap or high tension wiring dam- KIPS exhaust valves stuck closed valve aged seizure, or carbon accumulation Page Clutch Cable Line up the slots [C] in the clutch lever, knurled locknut, and adjuster, and then free the cable from the clutch lever.

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Right Engine Cover [B] from the right side of the cylinder. Rebound Damping Adjuster Setting Front Brake Reservoir 2. Do not use fluid from a container that has been left unsealed or that has been open for a long time.

Kawasaki KX (KXM2) OEM Parts, Babbitts Kawasaki Partshouse

Idle Adjusting Screw B. Exhaust pipe leaking at cylinder head con- Clutch lever play excessive nection Clutch plate warped or too rough Crankshaft runout excessive Clutch spring tension uneven Engine mounts loose Transmission oil deteriorated Crankshaft bearing worn Transmission viscosity too high Janual gear worn or chipped Transmission oil level too high Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the float bowl, and screw a fuel level gauge [A] into the plug hole.

KX Torque – Caliper Mounting Bolts: Page 92 Service Fuel Level above the bottom edge of the carb. Page 48 Then push down and turn it further in the same direction and remove the cap.

Front mm 8. Remove the guide bushes [A], washer [B], oil seal [C], retaining ring [D], and dust seal [E] from the inner tube. The pages are intact.