Configuring the MX7 Tecton with HSM Connect (or LXEConnect). The MX7 Tecton can be locked manually by tapping Start > Lock. By default, this option is. The MX7 Bluetooth® module supports LXE Bluetooth printers and scanners. Important Contact your LXE representative to obtain the LXE Manuals CD. MX7 MX7 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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This information is also available on the LXE website. Only installed on a Bluetooth equipped MX7 Tecton.

LXE MX7 User Manual

Use the up and down arrow keys on the MX7 Tecton to quickly scroll through the icons, using screen touch gestures, brush the window up or down with a finger or the stylus. There is no separate private key file as used on Windows CE devices. If the trigger handle connection loosens, it must be tightened or replaced before the MX7 Tecton is placed in service.

Eap-tls User Name when connecting to the network. User Certificates Figure Browsing to Certificate Location Using the explorer buttons, browse to the location where you copied Alphabetic keys default to lower case letters.

Page 69 The Today timeout timer refers to the “return manal Today screen” function.


Stop the connection between the MX7 Tecton and the highlighted paired Bluetooth device. If a lx has been set, but an application has not been specified, the user will be prompted for the password before entering administration mode. The assumption is that the mobile device has been configured and the touch panel calibrated by the System Administrator prior to releasing the MX7 for daily use.

The status of Auto Reconnect on Boot is ignored and the option is automatically disabled unchecked and dimmed. Tap the Save password checkbox if it is blank. Summit radio is not currently associated or authenticated to an Access Point. Route the cable from the cradle to the DC to DC converter.

LXE MX7 Tecton Reference Manual

The Enabler control panel is, by default, password protected. The navigation icons change state based on the web page contents. Honeywell manjal any work in progress be saved prior to replacing the battery pack.

Periodically test the mounting device EXE All applications to be installed into memory are normally in Transmit — When enabled, the check character is transmitted.

Funk Odyssey Client Configuration On the main configuration screen check the Connect to box and choose the profile just When the backup battery power is Low or Very Low Settings Tap the Admin Login Entering Data 29 Using the Stylus Note: The touchscreen heating elements and scanner aperture heating elements may be visible when the MX7 is tilted slightly.



If two copies of the same application are configured, but the application only allows one copy to run at a time, for exam- ple Microsoft Pocket Word and LXE RFTerm, the switch to end-user fails. For OS versions prior to Augustcalibrating the touchscreen will need to be performed when the cold boot process is complete.

Laser beam is emitted continuously. The subkey you want to create. Optional Accessory Installation 5.


Using Remote Management 1. This is displayed with a modal dialog. Device Id The changes take effect immediately. Orange Key Sticky Key 8.

Execution Options Dimmed Auto-Execute An application that has been installed lex the Avalanche Management system can be run Selection automatically following each boot. The Today timeout timer refers to the “return to Today screen” function. Bluetooth Other Bluetooth devices cannot be discovered if they have been set up to be Non-Discoverable or Invisible. Leap To use Stored Credentials, click on the Credentials button.