This page contans Runar’s translation work from Liber Loagaeth, Table 1, rows 5, 2, and For the translation of row 2 he has used brackets () for words added. I’m gonna open this door. Whoever knows what I’m talking about please offer some of your knowledge/ opinion. Liber loagaeth Libre de. Mysteriorum Liber Sextus et Sanctus [Liber Loagaeth] / by Dr. John Dee. transcription of British Museum, manuscript Sloane (dated CE) edited by.

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Ihehusch gronadox arden, o na gempalo mikasman vandres orda bevegiah noz plig nase zamponon aneph. Rather than associating the leaves with the Keys that came after them, I’m going to associate them with the material that came before them – the angelic royalty of the Heptarchia Mystica.

Posted by Scott Stenwick at 7: The leaf titles themselves are quite brief, and they really don’t seem to have the full effectiveness of a longer utterance such as one of the Keys. I got a question a couple weeks back about working with the pentacles from the Key of Solomon using my ritual techniques. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The final question, then, is how this last leaf should be numbered.

Liber Mysteriorum, Sextus et Sanctus

Piber use these “Keys” you intone the entire set of words for the day in order, just as written here. As I mentioned in my comment, the other possible way to arrange the final leaf is in position 49, which would result in shifting each of the leaf titles here by 1.


Through their experiments and their correspondences with the entity known as Madini Dee, Kelly and their families fled the estate for a 6 month voyage to Poland under the patronage of Prince Laskey. This language is not derived from any known alphabet but a peculiar set of characters unique unto itself.

The early rule of Queen Elizabeth I was marred by ill health, almost dying 3 times in the first 10 years of her sovereignty. And the testament loagqeth solomon wasn’t found until after Dee and Kelly were dead. I’ve only began working with them and I’m still waiting for the manifestation outcomes: Blue Flame Magick Loading Leaf 30a Tar, vin gabax orho.

Augoeides: Liber Loagaeth and the Heptarchia Mystica

Yeah the stuff written and deciphered by Dee is kinda shaky to me. This suggests that a 23 letter alphabet is being used- possibly the Latin alphabet, that Dee was familiar with, which has the same amount of letters- rather than the 21 letter alphabet of the Enochian script.

Delivered by the angels, and said to usher in the New Age. My presentation was somewhat lightly att This might sound completely idealistic, but in the astral realms all contradictions reach an agreement at some point: Love and Sex Magic Category 2: But, I can guarantee the utmost care on the behalf of myself and my “partner in crime” in England.

They accused him of contriving to engineer the redundancy of their Holy Orders and the station of the Pope. But it also is not definitive in any sense of the word.

John Dee – Liber Loagaeth Or Mysteriorum Liber Sextus et Sanctus (398.0 Kb)

If anyone would like to get a head start and report their findings here, go for it. What Dee was privy too were the personalities of those forces of nature and how they worked.


I have no idea what they would necessarily add to the ritual either. Even if the leader os a narrow-minded scripture puking robot. After having been given license by the Queen to pursue his work unimpeded by the prejudices of the Church, Dee and Kelly pursued a course with all the voracity of men obsessed.

Originally Posted libsr Dark Radiance. Leaf 38b Vantavong nargax.

Runar’s translation of Liber Loagaeth excerpts

These tables range from the first two that have a word in each of the cells, to later tables that seem to have more than one table squeezed into them by using differently tilted letters this is most easily explained by actually looking at them, but I do not have one of these yet – these appear from ‘Harodan Lempric Dohoh’ to ‘ Larvh Gohonp Babbabor’, and also tables such as ‘Famfax Ler Axax’, that has a letter in every other cell, and for 7×7 squares where these other cells are filled with capitalised letters.

Book can be downloaded. Zan cu asdom baged urmigar orch phaphes ustra nox affod masco gax camles unsanba a oh la gras par quas consa qual lat gemdax logaeth ba vod talpah ian.