The Konica C35 EF is the very first compact 35mm camera to feature a built-in flash. The “C35” in its name stands for “Compact 35mm” and the “EF” standing fo. . The Konica C35 EF is a compact camera. It had the nickname “Pikkari” in Japan. Introduced in , the Pikkari was the first 35mm compact. With nothing to do apart from load and wind the film, focus, press the shutter the Konica C35 EFP is a shining example of a point and shoot.

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Or konicw it was a great fight over this in the factory and both sides won? Patreon allows those of you who would like to support 35mmc on a monthly basis with a small regular donations.

Both have ASA settings from 25 to He talks to us about his Lomography camera collection and his camera of choice, the BelAir X Home About Gear Links. Now, I know it. The amber light indicates we are ready for action.

The Sun Never Sets With A Konica C35 EF

Still I like how the pictures turned out. The greatest legacy of Andy Warhol was that he touched and influenced all bases of the art world. I’m waiting on one of these gems. Lomographer henryohead reveals his secret as to how he draws illustrations by superimposing images together.


Join us as we take a look at the colorful side of the Big Apple with Community Member ilovefrenchfries! The only way to shut it off was by taking the batteries out. You konixa get air cell for hearing aids fairly cheaply that match Google flickr Monica c35 battery for more advice. The Konica C35 EF is a compact camera. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Then again, these little cell batteries cost next to nothing. The negs are sharp but as always after my scanning they are considerably softer.

Patreon and Ko-Fi Patreon allows those of you who would like to support 35mmc on a monthly basis with a small regular donations. You Might Also Like. The actual distance scale also has 2 and 5 m squeezed in but there are no locking dents for these. Additionally, if you would like to contribute a post of your own to 35mmc, click here! No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox.

Flash requires two AA alkaline batteries, NiMh rechargable batteries are not advised as they tend to burn and break flash electronics. Apparently he loved Konica so much, that he owned three.


The Sun Never Sets With A Konica C35 EF · Lomography

Please login to like. Who knew adult field trips could be this fun and colorful? No wonder people say: Have you ever imagined what it feels like to kknica with a year-old camera?

It is activated with a slight nudge towards the lens of the screamy orange knob on the front. In the past four months, C355 have been shooting hundreds of photos with a Contessa Nettel Tessco.

Ko-Fi allows one off donations Thanks in advance! Learn how your comment data is processed. It is light, and quick and easy to use.

The Konica C35 EFP – Guest Review by Dexter Robinson

The Konica lens is really beautiful. Attending thrift shops has its perils. It had the nickname “Pikkari” in Japan. In the field I really like the camera!

Instead of the original 1. I guess they thought it looked empty and filled up the vacant space?